The Spider-Man: Far From Home concept artist and creature designer Jerad Marantz offers a look at an unused version of the classic comic book villain Molten Man, who appears in the Homecoming sequel as a hulking, gooey mass of molten lava when it attacks Spider-Man (Tom Holland) and his friends in Prague. In Far From Home, supposed superhero Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) reports the molten-like creature is the most powerful of all the Elementals — dimension-hopping creatures with incredible power — claiming it had killed his family and destroyed his Earth. It was later revealed Molten Man and the other Elementals that attacked Europe were great elaborate illusions conjured by Mysterio and his gang of the ex-Stark Industries employees, who were out to capitalize on a world left vulnerable after the events of Avengers: Endgame.

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The Molten Man from Far from Home has a concept art for himself

molten man
Molten man from Far from home

“I figured out a lot on this version that I carried over onto the final,” Marantz wrote when publishing the concept art on Instagram. “This version is a bit more humanoid and powerful looking. I’m glad they went with the gooey final version.”

Visual effects supervisor Janek Sirrs previously explained the process behind re-imagining Spider-Man’s classic (and humanoid) comic book foes — including the Molten Man, Cyclone and Hydro-Man — as elemental-powered monsters in Far From Home:

“I’m not sure which came first in the development process, the idea of using the comic book villains…or elemental creatures that would be subsequently assigned to those villains. Either way we trod a fine line with the connection between the two, and only explicitly called out Hydro-Man’s comic book character’s name, leaving the rest more ambiguous,” Sirrs told IndieWire. “For example, Molten-Man was at one point depicted as a gold man sporting a buzz cut and a pair of tighty-whities (although we did retain a hint of that buzz cut for nostalgic reasons).”

spiderman farfromhome water elemental
Water Elemental Far from Home

Marvel Studios had earlier attempted characters with fiery components in Iron Man 3, and in Far From Home, Sirrs said, “The knack was finding the right balance of a creature that had enough heat/flames/radiance to convey something capable of melting nearby objects, but also be composed of molten material that would flow, drip, etc. as it moved around.”

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