Amber Heard is going through the worst phase of her life. If things were to remain the way they are, her troubles are not coming to an end anytime soon. The Aquaman actress has been coming up against one wall after the other in her life.

Her first defeat was the loss in the much-publicized defamation trial against Johnny Depp, for the op-ed she published in 2018 in The Washington Post. The huge amount of compensation she had to pay has not helped her cause. And while she is appealing the decision, she has seemingly walked into another roadblock.

Amber Heard’s backup has refused to pay up

Amber Heard
Amber Heard runs into new trouble

The general insurance companies that are supposed to indemnify Amber Heard, New York Marine and Travellers General Insurance Co., are slugging it out to limit their liability, and to wash their hands off their duty to pay the $10.35 million she owes Johnny Depp.

No wonder Heard’s new lawyers, which includes Kayla Robinson of Pasich LLP in Los Angeles, are worried and wary of the whole situation. The Virginia court, which gave the verdict, had also stipulated that she had to pay $10.35 billion to Johnny Depp in compensation. And these two companies are the ones that were expected to share the liability of paying the money.

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What do companies insuring Amber Heard have to say?

Amber Heard
Companies ensuring Amber Heard have filed a civil suit seeking to check their liability

But what sort of insurance company would actually insure their clients? Travelers General Insurance Co. has filed a lawsuit against the company which was supposed to share its liability of ensuring Amber Heard, New York Marine. It claimed that New York Marine is trying to shirk its responsibility to “reimburse Travelers for half of the attorney’s fees, costs, and expenses of defending their mutual insured” in the Depp case, “which left Travelers bearing an inequitable portion of the defense.”

The second lawsuit was filed by the other Insurance company against Heard herself. They claimed that they are not obligated to pay charges for her defense. Their reasoning is that Amber Heard wasn’t a United States resident when they sued her. They claim they have received no evidence to show the same.

These companies have started the proceedings, and have filed depositions for the same purpose.

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Amber Heard’s defense

Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp trial
Amber Heard

The motions initiated by the two add to Amber Heard’s woes, whose headache increases by the hour. Her appeal is still proceeding. Add to that the pressure of other depositions. It is only natural that she would seek to have the depositions dismissed for the time being. They have made representations regarding the same.

Her lawyer, Kayla Robinson, has claimed that Heard wasn’t living in the United States when New York Marine sued her, and she still isn’t, “therefore, this court lacks jurisdiction.” They will also move for a protective order to stop the depositions that New York Marine has scheduled.

Her counsel has also requested the court to reschedule a hearing scheduled for November 3 to be rescheduled to December 1, “or another date convenient for the court.

They have also submitted that their duty to indemnify a judgment “are not ripe unless and until there is a final judgment in the Depp lawsuit.”

So even her inability to deal with this case also stems from the Johnny Depp trial. It can’t be known how long it will continue in the same way.

Meanwhile, lawyers for New York Marine have questioned the claims that she wasn’t a United States resident when they sued her. They have also sought to ensure that depositions are not delayed.

Only time will tell whether her defense will be a success or not.

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