Last year in 2022, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard came face to face in court. The Depp and Heard Trial ignited curiosity within people after every hearing of the court. Depp won the seven-week trial in Virginia and found a way back to life while Heard came across myriads of problems. 

Amber Heard has started a new life in Spain
Amber Heard has started a new life in Spain

She was labeled with nasty names and was called out for her actions. After losing the trial, Heard expressed her disappointment but then she never spoke regarding Depp or their trial. 

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Amber Heard says she is moving forward in life  

Amber heard with her Daughter
Amber heard and her Daughter

Recently, Amber Heard was sighted in Madrid, the Spanish city. Heard and her daughter Oonagh Paige Heard relocated to Madrid. According to sources, the 37-year-old actress decided to leave Hollywood. After the Trial, Johnny Depp fans and other people viciously trolled her and made her the subject of memes. Heard believed that leaving Hollywood for a while would be the only thing that might make her feel at peace.

Recently she interacted with the media and spoke about how much she loves to live in Spain. The Never Back Down actress looked very happy and in a joyful mood during the interaction. She was humble towards the fans who requested a picture with her. During the interview, when the media asked her questions regarding her life in Madrid, Heard said,

“I love Spain so much. I hope I can get to stay here, I love living here. I hope you are good, it was a pleasure meeting you. I have to move forward, huh? That’s life.” 

Heard didn’t talk about her trial against Depp and but did mention that she is moving forwards with life. On the internet, there is still a lot of discussion surrounding the Heard and Depp trial. People are continuing to talk about the case and its conclusion, some of them are siding with Heard, while the majority are supporting Depp. 

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The Trial was very stressful for Amber Heard 

Amber Heard has started a new life in Spain
Amber Heard has started a new life in Spain

The Drive Angry actress went through a storm of emotions during the trial. The actress wasn’t expecting the courtroom to bring so much stress into her life. After she lost she decided to maintain distance from Hollywood for a while. As per reports, she is having projects in her hands, but she hasn’t commented on them yet. A source close to Heard talked about her life after the trial and said,

Amber couldn’t wait to leave the U.S. with her daughter. She has been living in Spain, where she gets more privacy. The trial was beyond stressful for her and she just wanted to start fresh out of the country.”

The source further added,

She is excited about working and filming again. She was exhausted and disappointed about the trial. She felt she was mistreated. This is all behind her now, though. She has new energy and is focused on things that she loves.”

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Recently, Depp received a 7-minute ovation at the Cannes Film Festival and Heard was spotted living her life in Madrid. She will be reportedly making a comeback in the sequel of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

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