Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s marriage has been in the spotlight for months and is getting highlighted for all the wrong reasons. However, nonchalant about the speculations of their toxic marriage, Lopez shared insights into her relationship with Affleck. Chatting with the hosts of Live With Kelly and Mark, the actress revealed how she’s often teased for her choice of outfit by her husband. 

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez on Live With Kelly And Mark

Falling in love while shooting Gigli in 2003, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck separated ways in between. However, the couple further rekindled their romance in 2021 and tied the knot in 2022. Appearing for an interview on Live, the Latina bombshell confessed her husband’s penchant for roasting her, while she publically revealed Affleck’s carefree fashion choice. 

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Jennifer Lopez Gushed Over Her Met Gala Look

Appearing for an interview with Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, Jennifer Lopez marked her presence on Live With Kelly and Mark. Discussing her marriage with the quintessential couple, the 53-year-old actress shared insight into her relationship with Ben Affleck. Admitting how both of them love to roast each other, Lopez started the conversation by addressing her and Affleck’s fashion choices. 

Jennifer Lopez
Lopez with Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos

Gushing over her stunning Ralph Lauren cut-out dress to the annual Met Gala, the 53-year-old actress revealed how often Affleck teases her over her outfits. Donning a black and pink number and an elegant veiled headpiece in the Met Gala 2023, the Shotgun Wedding actress confessed she wasn’t “sure about it”. Although fans were stunned by her eye-catching outfit, Lopez recalled being doubtful because of her husband roasting her risqué ensembles. 

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez’s Met Gala ensemble

Known for being the fashionista she is, Jennifer Lopez confessed to being teased by Ben Affleck for her choice of clothing. “He’ll joke with me sometimes … he’ll say things like, ‘Where’s the rest of the shirt’ or things like that” the 53-year-old shared. Despite rocking the red carpet and several events with her amazing fashion choices, at home, she gets perpetually roasted by the Oscar winner. 

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Jennifer Lopez Reveals Ben Affleck’s Carefree Fashion

Despite being teased by Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez still confessed to taking advice from him. Confirming Affleck’s authentic advice when asked for it, Lopez also hinted how at times his feedback can be way too direct. To set the record straight and understand the actor’s fashion choice, Kelly Ripa asked, “Does he prefer a sexier look?” to Lopez. 

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Without hovering over the discussion, the 53-year-old replied, “I don’t think he prefers either”. Although the actress has an inclination toward stunning fashion, her husband seems to keep it simple. Discussing how carefree Affleck is about his looks, Lopez mentioned, “I just think he chooses what he thinks looks the nicest or what he likes in that moment”. 

Previously, amid toxic marriage rumors, Jennifer Lopez praised Ben Affleck for his parenting skills following Gwyneth Paltrow‘s interview where she hailed Affleck for his mind-blowing bedroom skills. Paltrow and Affleck dated for three years back in the late 90s, however, she still seems to wishfully recall her intimate relationship with the Oscar winner. Thus, following the raunchy confession of Paltrow, the 53-year-old actress, subtly praised Affleck from an emotional standpoint. 

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Source: Live With Kelly and Mark

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