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A few things blend well, similar to salt and pepper; however, we all know that. A few things seemingly don’t mix well, similar to milk and liquor or Marvel and DC comics; however, some would actually. Nonetheless, a few things blend genuinely well, yet we simply don’t have any acquaintance with it yet. Marvel comic characters and Hanna-Barbera cartoons very well could be something, maybe.
Be that as it may, you don’t know until you attempt, as the colloquialism goes. An Artist, MJ Hiblen from Norwich, United Kingdom, took a stab at blending these two apparently random universes and thought of specific mixes that are, however astounding as they seem to be unique. A scramble of Hanna-Barbera sentimentality sprinkled with the Marvel characters’ gloriousness is a formula that the more significant part of us didn’t realize we wanted. Yet, it’s one we’ve since a long time ago deserved. The artist revealed to us somewhat more about his “Hanna-Barbera—Wonder” mashup project. “A ton of my extra time work to keep my followers entertained includes a blend of mainstream types. I think this one was one I had made arrangements for half a month. My affection for the MCU and cherished recollections of Captain Caveman was a bit too enticing to make.”

#14 Scooby And Shaggy As Winter Soldier And Captain America:



#13 Barney And Betty Rubble As Hulk And Black Widow:



#12 The Jetsons As Guardians Of The Galaxy:



#11 Captain Caveman As Thor:



#10 Dick Dastardly And Muttley As Thanos And Loki:



#9 Top Cat As Black Panther:



#8  Secret Squirrel As Nick Fury:



#7 Yogi And Boo-Boo As Iron Man And Spider-Man:



#6 Atom Ant As The Ant-Man:



#5 Fred And Wilma Flintsones As Vision And Wanda Maximoff:



#4 Huckleberry Hound As Hawkeye:



#3 Scrappy-Doo As Ultron:



#2 Snagglepuss And Benny The Ball As Doctor Strange And Wong:



#1 Penelope Pitstop And Spot As Captain Marvel And Goose:


These are the 14 Superb Hanna-Barbera and Marvel Universes Outline Drawings.
Such unique and beautiful art was done by artist MJ Hiblen. I love how these two universes have collapsed. What do you people have to say about this extraordinary fan art? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below…
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