“A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.”― Salvador Dali

We all are well aware that there are originals in every fiction cartoons that seem to pop up again and again.
But often, few characters seem a little too alike to something else for it to be wholly a coincidence. Have you ever wondered if the characters we see on the television, movies, and comics are hiding something behind their masks?
That maybe they are something else or someone else? This can be possible. I mean, why not.
As pop culture plays such a part in our lives, we automatically indulge with these characters wherever we turn.
Each time we see a new character in the movies, commercials, and video games, we feel a sudden sense of deja vu.
There’s always something about the character’s creepy laugh, their goofy grin, or even those googly eyes that still feel mysteriously familiar…
Thus a Chicago-based graphic designer and illustrator named Alex Solis created an iconic series known as the Icons Unmasked.
In an interview, Alex stated that; Is anything we see 100% original ever? What we face is just what our mind is putting together from past experiences to create something that feels unique and new?
So in Icons Unmasked, Alex is trying to bring out a new sense of realization for the characters we all have seen hundreds of times.
Alex Solis also stated that he wanted to recreate the experience of what it might look like to see all the iconic characters from our childhood as an adult but in a different way.
So we at Animated Times have compiled a list of Alex Soli’s artwork.
But before you go through the list, I might warn you that illustrations can’t be unseen later, and your childhood might perhaps be destroyed forever.
But if you are brave enough, let so be it.
Come along with us through the list.


14. Garfield:



13. Darth Vader:



12. Aquaman:


11. Batman:



10. Robin:


9. Baymax:



8. Beast:



7. Anna: 


6.  Gandalf:


5. WALL‑E:



4.  Ronald McDonald:



3.  Sadness:



2. Splinter The Rat:

1. Alien:


Well, my childhood won’t be the same again after making this article.
So here are 14 pics of characters that live a double life.
Hope you have enjoyed the list, and we are sorry if your childhood is ruined; we seriously are.
Did you like the Character’s dual life?
Which Character is your favorite among these iconic characters? And Why.
Do let us know in the comment section below…
Till then, for more amazing content related to pop culture, movies, tv shows, and much more, keep on reading Animated Times.
Peace Out! Guys



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