Ana de Armas is a Cuban-born actress, having made a name for herself in Hollywood. Given how well-known she is for her movie roles, she got her start in the business in Cuba and Spain, where she worked on TV and movie projects. In 2015, with the release of Knock Knock, she made the switch to English-language movies. She was considered for a 2019 Golden Globe nomination for her role as nurse Marta Cabrera in Knives Out.

Ana De Armas practiced her 'blonde' accent 3 hours a day
Ana de Armas perfected her Blonde accent while shooting Knives Out

Ana De Armas spent three hours a day with a voice coach

To prepare for her role as Blonde in Knives Out 2, Ana De Armas recently revealed that she worked with a vocal coach for three hours a day. Based on Joyce Carol Oates’s 1999 novel of the same name, Andrew Dominik is set to direct the upcoming film adaptation. The movie takes place in the ’60s. De Armas claimed she spent nine months with a dialect coach working on Monroe’s accent for the film.

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Ana de Armas altered her accent for a role.
Ana de Armas in Netflix’s Blonde

Since then, the actress, who is set to reprise her role in Knives Out 2: Glass Onion, has stated that she was also working 12-hour days on the set of the film. She explained that she had paid close attention to her mouth and the roundedness of her lips, the way she showed off her lower teeth, and the peculiar shape of her “o”s.

Moreover, She added that Monroe’s voice affectations reflected her emotional needs and anguish, and now she recognized Monroe’s vocal affectations as an outward manifestation.

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Is Andrew Dominik reconsidering casting Ana de Armas in the lead role?

Ana De Armas's knife-out breakout made her ideal for blondes.
As soon as people heard about her new accent, the internet went frenzy.

Director Andrew Dominik expressed “concerns” about casting De Armas in the role due to her recent English learning and distinctive accent. This was because of her recent relocation to the United States. But as time passed, he didn’t have any concerns until he saw how she handled the situation. After that, he ignored everything that should have raised an eyebrow and continued on his merry way.

In addition, he praised the casting choice, saying that she does a great job of capturing Marilyn Monroe’s glitz, humanity, and vulnerability. Moreover, he stated that casting her was a brilliant move. There won’t be a second of the film that we can’t see in its entirety once it’s out in the wild.

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The actress does not agree with Blonde’s NC rating of -17

It seems that Ana de Armas disagrees with the ranking.
Blonde’s first teaser starring Ana de Armas

The actress has absolutely no interest in knowing how well the movie will be received by the audience. By stating that the climax of the movie is unimportant, she demonstrated that it is irrelevant to the discussion at hand,  According to her, what matters is that “we tell a story that we believed in.”

Additionally, She believes that she “developed as an actress and as a person” as a result of the process of challenging herself to portray a character that she “was not supposed to play” and taking a part that she “was not planned to play.”

Furthermore, the movie can be viewed on Netflix starting September 8th.

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