A direct question and a direct answer

Zack Snyder posted a link for buying t-shirts to support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and a fan questioned on the computer graphics of Justice league if it has been completed. This question comes after Snyder is widely known for always having minor issues within films and is nicknamed as “Snyder cut.” He but this time said yes, the CGI is all done.

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The fan nicknamed Joker after Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck from Joker was the one who asked this question, and to which Snyder confidently replied, “Yes.”

The “Snyder Cut”

Most of the people within the industry say that such issues related to CGI are usually very easily overlooked by Snyder to finish the film, and he has always had the same answer to this in the past. So no one expects a lot. But this time, the answer was quite different with Snyder saying everything is done. But this doesn’t mean everyone’s hope is high as the movie would be the testament to see if what Snyder says is true.


The theories and conspiracies

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A Youtube channel called the Folding Ideas did an episode on understanding the “Snyder Cut” phenomenon and few theories behind it. Host Dan Olson brings up a possibility that Snyder must be self-fund wholly or partially on the post-production and has not yet completed anything of the project with Warner Bros. And this seems like the most understanding possibility surrounding the film over the last few years and also with the confident “Yes” given by Snyder now.

Justice League Snyder Cut Clip and Deleted Scenes Explained by Zack Snyder


Source: Cinemablend , Snyder Cut

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