Jordan Peterson has carved out a name for himself. A well-known personality across the world, (though not necessarily for the right reasons) he has amassed a sizable and dedicated following of people who want to hear what he speaks. His daughter, Mikhaila Peterson is no different.

She is also a well-known podcaster. A psychology student, her advice is looked forward to by a lot of people across the world. Her YouTube channel is also a hit, currently boasting 800K subscribers.

Mikhaila Peterson and Andrew Tate were dating (or were they)?


But for someone whose advice is looked forward to by so many, she once erred in her judgment. The rumor mill was convinced that Mikhaila Peterson was once dating the infamous controversial kickboxer, Andrew Tate. The Top G is known to be secretive about his personal life. The identity of his partner(s) has always remained a subject of speculation among the masses.

But even he couldn’t ensure that the news of him dating the 30-year-old podcaster would be kept under wraps. It was a shock to Peterson’s followers. Not that they are wrong to do so. Having a female personality you look up to date the global pariah isn’t exactly a dream scenario. Everyone had one question – why Mikhaila, why?

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Mikhaila Peterson has her say

Mikhaila Peterson
Mikhaila Peterson tells the world why she met Andrew Tate

Finally opening up about the rumors, Mikhaila Peterson revealed how the two met. She disclosed that the two met when she was in Germany. She said, “I was in Germany. And Andrew Tate invited me to come see his house and talk business.” And that is what they did when she got there.

She continued, “And he flew me over there for a day. I was there for a day. He was talking about starting a paywall, tryna figure out how to monetize content, and then I flew home.” This was the extent of their ‘relationship’ according to The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast host. Her fans would be heaving a sigh of relief to find out that the two were never romantically involved.

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Both are on their own path


Both Tate and Peterson have their own lives going on. Cobra is reportedly dating Naghel Georgiana Manuela, another relationship that he has kept under wraps. He gave a sneak peek last October when he posted a photo of Manuela on his Instagram.

Peterson, on the other hand, has a daughter, Scarlet, 5, with her ex-husband, Andrey Korikov. She is currently married to Jordan Fuller, whom she tied the knot with on 5th June 2022 in a wholesome ceremony. No wonder she’d want to nip the controversy in the bud.

Watch the video here:

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