Anne Hathaway’s shocking transformation as the Grand High Witch caught a lot of attention around the world. Fans were anticipating how the character actor gave her all in the latest role. The remake of “The Witches” based on Roald Dahl’s novel made waves on the internet, launching just a few days ahead of Halloween. 

The Look

Garnering lakhs of views on the first look post, Anne’s transformation caught the eye for striking details and the “eeriness” quotient. The look features – mouth slits, oblong bald face, filed teeth, and similar modifications. The overall look is widely noted as terrifying and scary.

Anne Hathaway shares her makeup look
Anne Hathaway shares her makeup look


A few days before the look post, Anne shared a teaser trailer to the movie, which got over 2.6 million views. The entertaining teaser shows moments from the film and physical traits of witch-like claw hands, bald head, large nostrils, wide gaping mouth with pointy teeth, and toeless feet.

Anne’s makeover as a witch is very prominent in the teaser. This comes as a stark contrast as Anne is known for usually playing sweet and realistic roles. Aside from going bald, Anne has nailed the look with the scars giving her antagonist character more authority as witches’ leader. 

Anjelica Huston’s version of the Grand High Witch vs. Anne Hathaway’s version. (Warner Bros / The Everett Collection)
Anjelica Huston’s version of the Grand High Witch vs. Anne Hathaway’s version. (Warner Bros / The Everett Collection)


In a public interview, Anne shares how the 5-hour transformation brought the character to life. The fact the makeup is unique and not a copy from the original movie is very intriguing. A lot of thought has gone into the makeup and looks for the Grand High Witch, and it shows.

About the Movie

The 2020 version of “The Witches” is a remake of the 1990 superhit dark fantasy comedy by the same name directed by Nicolas Roeg. Apart from Anne Hathaway, the cast features Octavia Spencer as Grandma, Stanley Tucci as the hotel manager Mr. Stringer and Jahzir Bruno as Hero Boy in crucial roles.

The Witches 2020 Poster
The Witches 2020 Poster


The story follows a tale of a young boy coming across real-life witches who turn him into a mouse, giving a start to his adventures to come back to life. The movie received mixed reviews from critics, but fans are gaga over the aesthetics and Anne’s terrifying look. Powerful performances and the exciting story make the film worth a watch.

Watch the official movie trailer here – The Witches 2020 

What are your thoughts about Anne Hathaway’s makeover? Does it break records, or could it be done any better? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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