Minecraft: The Movie is Officially Coming in 2022

Latest partnership for Minecraft movie

Mojang and Warner Bros. have partnered to make a new Minecraft Movie that currently has a release date, even although the movie will not be out for quite some time. The Minecraft movie will head to theatres on March 4, 2022, a date which Mojang confessed is way away but worried that creating a full-length movie” is so complex.” An article on the Minecraft website shared additional info about the brand new Minecraft movie regarding who’ll be directing it and exactly what it will be around.

Moran’s article reveals the plans about Minecraft movie

'Minecraft' movie
‘Minecraft’ movie

The date is days off, based on Moran’s article that broke down the plans for its 2022 film. Peter Sollett who is famous for Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist will function as the picture’s director, also Mojang reiterated that it is partnered with Warner Bros. to make the next Minecraft film.

A synopsis of this film was also given that is reminiscent of this material Minecraft gamers are familiar with such as experiences as well as the Ender Dragon.

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Quotes by Mojang and Moran regarding Minecraft

A scene from minecraft game
A scene from Minecraft game

“Well, as you devour the picture bite of choice (we enjoy a funny stew with a side of carrot ), we will let you know the story of a teenaged girl and her improbable group of adventurers,” Moran said concerning the film. “Following the malevolent Ender Dragon lays out on a course of destruction, they need to save their lovely, blocky Overworld.”

Though some of it seems familiar, Mojang explained the film will differ from the Minecraft encounter players are utilized to. The game programmer said that is vital to be certain that the picture’s exciting and new and shared its admiration for the players of the game along with the material they create.

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“Since we are a game programmer first, building a film will probably be fresh and incredibly exciting,” Moran said. “And if the film must differ from the match (otherwise, you would have an unlimited movie in rather low resolution) something will surely be exactly the exact same. We would like to produce the film as the match is made by us — for you. We are motivated by innumerable matters, but not as far as the unbelievable stuff our community generates Minecraft daily.”

The Minecraft movie brand new release date comes after it had been postponed beyond 2019 because the former manager dropped from this job.

Details for characters from the film have not been declared, but it is going to be released on March 4, 2022.

Source: Comicbook, Collider

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