The DCU has been under the radar after various changes happened in the franchise. With The Flash‘s poor performance at the box office, the DC franchise is set for Aquaman 2. The film starring Amber Heard has already been surrounded by controversies. Aquaman 2 marks the end of DCU’s old slate as James Gunn is giving the franchise a fresh start.

 Amber Heard and Jason Momoa in Aquaman
Amber Heard and Jason Momoa in Aquaman

Heard’s famous defamation trial led to the downfall of Aquaman 2. The franchise has to cut short Amber Heard’s screen time in the film after a protest from Johnny Deep fans. The director of Aquaman 2, James Wan’s DCU dream has shattered due to Heard. However, the director is in talks about producing more video games into films.

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James Wan Wants More Video Games Adaptations

James Wan
James Wan

James Wan, the director of Aquaman 2, is changing his roots as he goes back to the horror genre. The Jason Momoa starring film Aquaman 2 also features Amber Heard. Her involvement in the film has led to many controversies. Heard has been in the spotlight because of her famous defamation trial with Johnny Depp. The trial led to the actress losing her part in the film. But DCU decided to cut short her screen time in Aquaman 2

Wan, who hoped the movie will click at the box office, is now worried about it. The director’s DCU dream has been shattered, and he is looking to produce more video games into horror films. The Aquaman 2 director with Jason Blum, sat for an interview to promote the producers’ horror sequel Insidious: The Red Door. 

The duo discussed the recent success of THe Super Mario Bros. Movie and mentioned his hopes that Five Nights at Freddy’s will also be a big hit. Blum then revealed Wan is a big gamer and that the two could be producing more video game adaptations together. He said,

“James is actually a big gamer and we have a games division of our company that we’ve been working on. I’m definitely looking forward to finding more games that are popular and that we could turn into horror movies.”

A video game has already been chosen by Blum and Wan for a horror movie adaptation. According to recent reports, the two would work with the creators to make a feature film based on Dead by Daylight. 

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Amber Heard hit back at DCU for criticism over Aquaman 2

Amber Heard in Aquaman
Amber Heard in Aquaman

 James Wan is taking the road to horror films and turning video games into horror films as his Aquaman 2 is in water due to Amber Heard. The franchise decided to cut her on-screen time in the movie in the hope of its success. The actress is in the spotlight after her famous defamation trial. The 37-year-old faced major backlash from Depp’s fans regarding her role in Aquaman 2. 

After facing criticism and being away from the media, the London Fields actress finally opened up about the criticism. She called it a compromise that a big franchise needs to make a movie successful. Heard said, “There’s a ton of pressure on these big franchise movies, with millions and millions of dollars at stake, and compromises are part of trying to make it the most successful thing it can be.”

Amber Heard will reprise her role as Princess Mera in the upcoming film. Aquaman 2 is the sequel to the financially successful Jason Momoa-led Aquaman and the final film of the former DC slate.

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom is slated to release on December 20, 2023.

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