The newest royal baby has been welcomed into the world this week. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcomed their newborn son on Monday. Over the last couple of days, the biggest question which surrounded the birth of the baby has been regarding the name- what name will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will give the baby?

But the mystery was solved on Wednesday when the couple announced that they’d settled on the name Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor

Why Is The Name Of The Royal Baby So Important?

The name carries with it a lot of meaning in the hearts of comic readers all around the world. While the baby may not exactly have been named after taking into consideration the name of the titular character from Archie Comics but that is most likely what people will immediately think of when they hear about it. Of course, when people behind Archie Comics heard of it they certainly weren’t going to let this correlation slip by without saying something about it.

Archie Twitter makes a sweet joke after learning about royal baby name.
Archie Twitter makes a sweet joke after learning about royal baby name.

The Archie Comics Twitter account didn’t lose any time responding with a callback to a popular meme online. The account just tweeted the phrase, “I’m baby.” You can check out the tweet below:

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Tweet by Archie comics

Even if you don’t have any knowledge of the meme in itself, even then it makes sense. The baby is named Archie and so since it is being tweeted by the Archie Comics account so it means that Archie is the baby. But that’s not the only layer of the joke.

What Does The Tweet By Archie Comics Twitter Actually Mean?

For this we will have to dive a little into meme history. The phrase “I’m baby” is often used as a joke to say you don’t understand something or that you aren’t to be questioned. The whole situation began from a serious situation. It was when a girl texted her mother during a phone invasion and her mother’s phone somehow delivered the auto-correct message, “I’m baby.”

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