Area 51 weekend continues to be powerful, and advances continue to roll into Sunday. It turns out that a 60-year-old lady was the only individual who actually stormed the doors close the building. Nearly 800 toured the doors in neighbouring Rachel, Nevada, but one visitor chose that she was going over. She is facing a charge of trespassing and $1000 for her trouble.

Sherrif was quite calm


Area 51 Raid 60 Year Old Woman Lands in TROUBLE As Storms the Gate1
People storming around Area 51 gate


The incident was discussed by Lincoln County Sherrif Kerry Lee and the whole ordeal sounded pretty calm. He’s seen a lot in the desert over the last few days to his credit. The department had to cope with the sudden rush of individuals to the region and the scheduling phases to ensure that this weird desert adventure keeps everyone secure.

She made herself clear

“She told us she was going to trespass,” Lee told the paper. “It was something she wanted to do, and she walked across.”

Other than a few other arrests, so far so good for the people on the ground at “Alienstock.” Despite a report from the Guardian indicating that there were only 1,500 people in attendance for the event, there have been many social media videos and images circulating from the festival. Still, that is a far cry from the millions that RSVP’d to the original Facebook event over the Summer.

The eye of the storm

Area 51 Raid 60 Year Old Woman Lands in TROUBLE As Storms the Gate2
People dressed up as “aliens”


Matty Roberts couldn’t have dreamed that things would have ballooned to these proportions when he originally made a Facebook group. Authorities are alleging that the stunt may cost the county up to $250,000 and are planning to possibly pursue legal action. 


“Matty Roberts is the one that started this on Facebook. So our district attorney, his opinion is that Matty Roberts and Facebook stand to be partially to blame for this” Lee explained. “He’s already told people that this is quote-unquote ‘His event.’ He told some of the other event promoters that this was his event. And so I guess if it’s his event and he’s taken ownership of it then we know where legal action should go toward. I’m not an attorney but that is what Lincoln County district attorney is saying.”


Source: Comicbook, News18


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