The joke event on social media “Storm Area 51” has grown into a full-blown viral trend, with fans and conspiracy theorists uniting to “joke” about how to lay siege to the famous clandestine facility. Well, that viral trend has now taken another turn, as the “Storm Area 51” crowd is imagining what the aftermath would be, if their campaign actually turned out to be successful.

Scroll below to see some of the best memes about what the freeing of aliens would actually look like, if social media users were to truly “Storm Area 51”. There are some pretty great ones in the bunch:

  • Post-Raid meal

What’s the first thing to do when escaping a government holding facility? Get some grub, of course!

  • Happiness begins

The #HappinessBeginsTour will be kicking off soon – and concert-goers clearly have one favorite act they want to see!

  • Romantic intentions

Some people are ready to do anything in order to get what they want from these Area 51 aliens. And we do mean, anything.

  • They’ve been among us!

You have to look at some celebrities’ behavior and truly wonder: have these Area 51 aliens been hiding among us in plain sight this entire time?

  • Alien Chic

These Area 51 Aliens truly want to be part of our world. And why not, when you’ve been locked up on the sidelines of pop-culture for so long…


  • Breaking Alien Bad

Like any convict locked up for too long, these aliens will get free just to go wild.

  • Marvelous discoveries

If there is anywhere on Earth where the glorious artifacts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe reside? Area 51 is probably it.

  • Area 51 Endgame


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