Throughout Marvel Comics, Iron Man has had a long and unsteady road to travel. The Armor Wars defined Iron Man and his story for much of the 80s and the 90s.

Armor Wars: 5 Things We Bet You Didn't Know
Armor Wars: 5 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know

Iron man has traveled a long and unsteady path, especially in the marvel comics. It may seem as though his journey in the MCU has ended; however, Tony Starks legacy still lives. One of the most critical storylines of the character, Armor Wars, is now becoming a series at Disney plus. While the story’s details may be different In the adaptation, the original comic offers a roadmap for how this might playoff on screen. The following are the 5 things we bet you did not know about the Armor Wars.

  1. Stark Wars:

Armor Wars: 5 Things We Bet You Didn't Know
Stark Wars

The story was originally called Stark Wars as it focused on Stark technology that was stolen. It was presented in the comics between 1987 and 88 and was later renamed Armor Wars in the collected edition. This was also how the story was advertised in other comics with the tagline” ARMOR WARS BEGIN IN IRON MAN #225.”

  1. Iron Man 2:

Armor Wars: 5 Things We Bet You Didn't Know
Iron Man 2

In some ways, fans believe that Armor Wars is already adapted in the second Iron Man film. In the film, Stark believes that his technology would be recreated, which was eventually done by both, the American Government with Iron Patriot and by the villain Whiplash. Justin Hammer also recreated his technology in Hammer-drones, which were based on the original Iron Man design.

  1. Negator Packs:

We bet you did not know that Tony Starks first solution to stop the spread of his technology into the wrong hands was the Negator Pack. This unique technology destroyed any stark technologies on contact and was devastating for his armored foes. He first used this weapon against Stilt-Man, who upgraded his suit using stolen Stark technology.

  1. Iron Man Armor Model 9

Armor Wars: 5 Things We Bet You Didn't Know
Iron Man Armor Model 9

During the early battle in the Armor Wars, Iron Mans Silver Centurian armor was severely damaged. However, Tony was already working on a new design, and his defeat to Firepower gave him the reason to try on the new armor. Iron Man Armor Model 9 is one of the strongest armors ever, and he wore this suit well into the 90s in the comic book storyline.

  1. Mandroid:

Tony Stark’s crusade to put an end to the spread of his tech led him to make some serious mistakes. This included a battle with Mandroid, one of Stark’s designs. In the battle with the controller, a boy was killed, which led to the intervention of SHIELD. Nick Fury tried to rein Tony in, and when that did not work, Fury sent the Mandroids to bring Tony in. This, however, did not go according to plan as Tony defeated the Mandroids fairly easily.

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