In the latest episode of Arrow, Ricardo Diaz got a bit more intimidating. He revealed that he had created a super serum that has given him enhanced durability and strength.

The episode sees Felicity continuing on her quest for seeking vengeance against Longbow Hunters and Diaz. She discovered how to break into the Center for Disease Control. After seeking FBI Agent Samantha Watson’s help, she was joined by Watson in her quest.

Felicity, Watson, Rene and Dinah went against the Longbow Hunters at the CDC. But they soon found themselves outmatched and this failed mission landed Watson into trouble. She was assigned to a desk duty in Washington, far off from Diaz Investigation.

However, Rene captured The Silencer. After Watson was sent away, Rene took Felicity to a warehouse where it was revealed that he had apprehended Silencer. Dinah and Watson were not told anything, as they didn’t want to go against the law.

Meanwhile, Diaz injected himself with a liquid to show off immediate effects. He punched a wall using his bare hands which didn’t even cut or bruise his hand. It seems like Diaz will be a bit more formidable villain, as the show moves forward.

Arrow airs on Monday at 8 PM on the CW.

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