The United States saw multiple mass shootings on Monday. The One most reported being at Chicago’s Mercy Hospital and now Arrow star Stephen Amell has spoken about the issue to violence and the American response to it.

In a Twitter post, Amell noted that while his wife and daughter are both American, he’s reconsidering become an American citizen because of what he called “a lack of response to the epidemic of mass shootings”.

“I have admired the United states for my entire life,” Amell wrote. “My daughter is American. My wife is American. Their lack of response to the epidemic of mass shootings, makes me reconsider my desire to get my citizenship.”

He received mixed comments from fans on Twitter, with many on both sides of the controversy. Amell isn’t wrong that there have been many mass shootings in the US in 2018. There have been 316 mass shootings in the US and nearly one shooting per day so far in 2018.

This isn’t the first time the actor has been involved in the gun control debate in some fashion. In the fifth season of Arrow, the show talked on the issue of gun violence. Here’s what Marc Guggenheim said about the gun violence previously after Arrow season 5:

“Well, we went into season 5 wanting to do an episode about an issue,” Guggenheim said. “I’m old, so what does this mean? It means that I grew up on St. Elsewhere and Picket Fences and LA Law. I grew up in a time where it was commonplace, like literally every week, for a one-hour drama to tackle the issues of the day. Somewhere along the line we got away from that — like, the whole industry got away from that. And now you’ve got like Blackish and Carmichael Show, but as far as network dramas are concerned? Really not tackling current events, current issues.”

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