Felicity Smoak first appeared in Arrow as an employee in Queen Consolidated

Emily Bett Rickard’s Felicity Smoak, from The CW’s Arrowverse, is just one of the most polarizing personalities from superhero tv ever before. While she may not be an ideal character, Felicity was a crucial part of the CW’s Arrow for most of its run, as well as her geeky appeal was a significant part of what made the series work, whether audiences intend to admit it or not.

Felicity’s First Appearance In Arrow

When she was introduced near the beginning of Arrow Season 1, Felicity was a worker in Queen Consolidated IT Department who Oliver seeks out to aid him to get info from a harmed laptop. As the season proceeded, she remained to help Oliver and also his stepfather Walter Steele reveals Malcolm Meryln’s story to destroy the Glades. By the end of Period One, Pleasure had ended up being relied on the ally of Oliver’s as well as a starting participant of what would end up being Team Arrow.

Felicity’s Role Throughout Arrow Seasons

Felicity's Role Throughout Arrow Seasons
Felicity and Oliver sparked a romance throughout the seasons, eventually getting married

Felicity and Oliver sparked a romance throughout the seasons, eventually getting married

Over the following number of seasons, Felicity would push her means into the centre of Arrowhead, ending up being the female lead of the series. She additionally started developing a romantic connection with the program’s titular character in Season 3, a lot to the irritation of comic perfectionists. Many followers believed that Oliver ought to only be with Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy), that is the Green Arrowhead’s long-time love passion in the web pages of DC Comics. Oliver picking Felicity created a rift within the Arrowhead fandom that still exists to this particular day.

In Period 4, one of the show’s even more divisive periods, the Oliver and Felicity relationship took the spotlight as well as most likely to soap opera-esque new heights. When the season begins, the couple is living happily in Ivy Town having given up the superhero way of living. After they need to return to tackle a new hazard in Star City, Oliver and Pleasure go on to get involved, separate, as well as come back together all in the span of a couple of episodes.

Arrow’s Season 5 Change On Felicity’s Character 

Arrow's Season 5 Change On Felicity's Character
Season 5 bought a new change to Felicity’s character

Season 5 bought a new change to Felicity’s character 

When Period 5 started, the series turned over a brand-new leaf and also tried to return to its origins. Oliver and Team Arrow handled wrongdoers in Star City with little to no partnership melodrama. The group behind Arrow came to realize that fans would certainly a lot rather see a stable partnership in between 2 personalities than the continuous will-they/won’t-they. Once it became noticeable that the connection concerns lagged her, Felicity began to emulate herself from the very first two seasons. Gone was the frustratingly hard-headed cyberpunk hacker as well as in was the socially unpleasant, brilliant female that fans had familiarized as well as love.

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