Since his introduction in Arrow as Oliver Queen’s exceptionally intelligent and faithful crime-fighting companion, John Diggle has proven to be a fan favorite. With many appearances across different Arrowverse episodes, novels, and comics, it’s maybe not surprising that the CW is contemplating a spin-off show for the character. This potential superhero series, named Justice U, would have Diggle teaching five teenage metahumans to go undercover at a famous institution and form a new vigilante squad.

Justice U CW Arrowverse

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This enticing premise has piqued the interest of many admirers, who are eager to see what is in store. Twitter, in particular, has witnessed a lot of excitement for the next series, with individuals sharing their own fascinating ideas for what the program may include. These tweeters’ thoughts vary from new characters to conceivable storylines, indicating that Justice U has a lot of promise.

Mia Queen

“Green Arrow And The Canaries,” the last episode of Arrow’s final season, offers a tantalizing peek at the Arrowverse’s future, as Oliver and Felicity’s daughter Mia becomes the next Green Arrow. With the failed Green Arrow And The Canaries spin-off program, fans like @foolermy are hopeful her tale would be continued in Justice U.

Mia’s presence may provide some poignant sequences for the superhero series, as John Diggle recalls his time battling crime with her father. Mia scarcely knew her father because he died when she was very young, so a visit with his closest friend would allow her to learn more about the man who helped bring her into the world.

Kate Kane

Wallis Day’s characterful depiction of Kate Kane has been popular with viewers, and many fans are hoping that she would feature in Gotham Knights. @JoeyDonuts4ever on Twitter believes she should have a role in Justice U’s story, with the user especially enthused about Kate connecting with John Diggle.

John Constantine

John Constantine, who lives in a darker region of the Arrowverse, has had a difficult existence. @Leiberman84, a Twitter user, hopes to see the tormented soul return in Justice U, suggesting that the series include the development of a “Magic U” as part of its plot.

With the occult investigator having lost his mother at an early age and being reared by an abusive father, John would be a fascinating character to portray in the series.

Young Justice

The Young Justice, a squad comprising of some of the universe’s youngest vigilantes, is a particularly popular superhero ensemble inside DC Comics. With the group’s animated series providing some of the greatest characters, Twitter poster @KglZach has stated his wish for these people to appear in Justice U.

Ambush Bug

Ambush Bug, one of DC’s lesser-known heroes, is a one-of-a-kind character. The figure, real name Irwin Schwab, is reported to have gotten his garments from Brum-El, whose attempt to deliver his clothes from his dying world was caught by a massive radioactive space spider. @fourhman on Twitter wishes for the character to make his Arrowverse debut in Justice U.

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