Spoilers for Season 3:, Episode 11 of Batwoman, ahead! Only look if you want to know!

For almost three seasons now, Batwoman has gone on to continue to operate in a very unique place within the DCTV Arrow universe, giving us out its own take on Gotham City. Batwoman has mixed new villains and heroes with many interesting elements of legacy, where many were tied to the previous offscreen exploits of that Earth’s Batman (Warren Christie). Many of these acknowledgments have arrived in the form of dialogues and Easter eggs,  and in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment in Batwoman’s’ most recent episode, it looked on to provide a visual nod to one of the most controversial Batman storylines.

Did Jason Todd’s Murder Happened in the Arrowverse?

The episode revolved around the introduction of Kiki Roulette (played by Judy Reyes), a woman who had earlier made many gadgets for The Joker. Alice and Mary Hamilton (played by Nicole Kang) approached Kiki for helping in reactivating The Joker’s joy buzzer, and Kiki’s determination that she would need some sort of technology from The Joker’s old lair to do so. The trio then made a visit to the lair, which turned out to be jam-packed, full of paraphernalia and gadgets — even showcasing a bloodied crowbar, hanging on a wall, preserved in a glass case.


This does seem to allude a bit from the very idea of Jason Todd existing in the timeline of Earth-Prime and having undergone the events of “Death in the Family” himself, the infamous comic book storyline that culminated in The Prince of Crime aka Joker killing him ruthlessly using a crowbar. While this will not be the first time a DC TV series featured the crowbar as a gag in the background, with yet another old episode of Teen Titans GO! doing something very similar to this, as it takes on a unique connotation with Batwoman.

If anything at all, it does add a bit of interesting context to the version of the “Bat Fam” in Arrowverse, as Robin was already mentioned being name-dropped by Vesper Fairchild in the first season, but all in a way that wouldn’t indicate that the latest Robin was killed in such a brutal manner (or, that his death was at least, publicly known). Could this be a sign that (before the death of Batman) the very line of Robins after that got too far enough to include the successor of Jason, Tim Drake? With Stephanie Brown, who happened to be Tim’s contemporary in the DC comics, existing on Batwoman already, it doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility at the moment.

Nick Creegan as Joker
Nick Creegan as Joker

“There is a certain Batman villain that we discuss, we talk about,” series star Camrus Johnson, who directed “Broken Toys”, recently revealed to ComicBook.com. “We go to their old bunker, and we see a lot of their old toys. And that was my favorite part, because that specific villain is my favorite villain. If you know me, you know exactly who I’m talking about. That was amazing. And the guest stars that I got to play with, the new characters that I got to play with, and the cast in this episode made me very happy. And also, the mini team-ups — Luke and Sophie sort of go on an adventure together, Mary and Alice go on an adventure together, and then Marcus and Victor Zsasz team up. There were all these little teams that I got to direct and put together, and find new dynamics with.”

“There is just so much to play with. There was just so much going on — there’s incredible fight scenes, there is a lot of comedy, there’s a lot of fun things. Throughout the episode, once you get halfway through, it almost feels like the episode’s over because that’s how much there is going on in it. And then the second half is like, “Nope, we have a lot more going. We have a lot more coming.” It was my favorite for a lot of reasons.”




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