Arrowverse is the place where your favourite comic book characters are updated for the television. With shows like Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and Black Lightning, CW has had an incredible journey on the blocks of superhero programming.

Costumes are really important to bring a hero to life. It not only represents the superhero in a way but also define how well shows adopt the sensational designs. So today we will tell you about FOUR Arrowverse characters who look way better on-screen (and three that should have stayed back in comics).

Better: Arsenal
Roy Harper has had an interesting journey in the DC comics. He started off as Speedy until falling into drugs until finally, he came out as Arsenal before eventually becoming Red Arrow.

We only saw Roy as Red Arrow, but his look as Arsenal in the Arrowverse looks way better than the original look. In fact, Roy might just have the best outfit in the entire Arrowverse.

Worse: Prometheus
The Arrowverse Prometheus is just a shade of his comic book version. While the comic book version rivalled against the JLA for years, the Arrowverse version was something far less than that.

Hi so black garb look didn’t really stand out and seemed to simply obscure his identity for a reveal.

Better: Green Arrow
Green Arrow has always had simple, green costumes, accompanied by a hood or hat of some sort, with a splash of brown to accentuate the colour scheme.

The Arrowverse donned the green leather look and became iconic in no time. It not only fits his street-level theme but also gives a more superheroic looking costume.

Worse: Hourman
The Legends of Tomorrow finale was greeted by the surprise arrival of Hourman, a legendary DC character. Portrayed by Patrick Adams, the character was a huge arrival, even if his role was for half an episode before dying at the hands of Reverse Flash.

He never had a great costume, but it’s always been a unique look. For Legends, he wore black leather with subtle highlights and a hooded cape.

Better: Reverse Flash
Like some above-mentioned characters, Reverse Flash’s costume has always been pretty simple. He wears a yellow bodysuit with red boots and highlights. He debuted in the first season of CW’s The Flash and his iconic suit came along with him.

The suit has a thicker and more detailed material than Barry’s, which makes it look bigger. The solid yellow scheme and black highlighting, the costume looks absolutely unique.

Worse: Jay Garrick
We got the classic Jay Garrick costume in the second season of The Flash. But that turned out to an imposter named Hunter Zolomon. When we finally meet Jay, he wears a World War II-era helmet!

The suit looks okayish but doesn’t look anything like its comic counterpart. The costume doesn’t feel like Jay Garrick at all, and if it wasn’t the helmet, no one would recognise it to be him.

Better: Supergirl
Supergirl has also gone through a lot of costume changes over the years. Originally debuting with a skirt and billowing top with “S” on it and an 80’s headband, she looked like an ultra chic from the 90’s.

However, in the Arrowverse, She went for a more classic look with slight tweaks. Supergirl is seen in her traditional long sleeved, skirt costume, but with a darker tone. Well, we’re just thankful that they didn’t make it look goofy.

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