Everybody has been trying some new and unique things this quarantine. Artist and illustrator Isabelle Staub is one of them. She painted some of our favorite Disney animals as humans. It includes characters such as Dory from Finding Nemo.

The artist went on to explain that this was not something that was on her mind. It just naturally came up to her when she was scrolling through Pinterest. She felt inspired by it and thought it was a cool idea, and there is no reason as to why she should not try it out.

We have handpicked some of her art and prepared a list of her top ten artworks here. You are sure to love the creativity.

1. Lady- Lady and The Tramp

Disney animal character
Disney character Lady from Lady and The Tramp


Lady would definitely look like this if she was a human


2. Dory- Finding Nemo

Disney animal character
Our favourite Dory from Nemo


Disney animal character
Dory looks mesmerizing as a woman


Staub mentioned how the extended quarantine gave her much spare time to think and explore more about this idea of turning Disney animals into human versions. She usually took seven to ten hours to complete a single artwork, but it obviously varied.

Apparently, Dory was the most challenging art she had to create. It was because the idea was very new to her and Dory was one of the first pieces she tried working on, and therefore there was a lot of going back and forth. However, Dory turned out really amazing.

3. Nala- The Lion King

3 9
Nala, the beautiful lioness from The Lion King


Isabelle Staub perfects the human version of Nala


4. Marie- The Aristocrats

Disney animal character
Marie, one of the main characters of The Aristocrats


The beauty of Marie as a human does not disappoint us


In case you are intrigued about her art process, you can check her TikTok out. She filmed and posted videos of her paintings on her TikTok handle.

5. Lola- Shark Tale

5. 2
Remember Lola, the antagonist of Shark Tale?


The resemblance with Lola’s face is unparalleled


Staub mentioned the role of Disney in providing her inspiration. She loved visiting her childhood Disney memories and reincarnating them as human characters. Well, it is true that the work which you enjoy doing definitely turns out awesome.

Isabelle gave us a slight hint about her upcoming plans of wanting to draw Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck as people.

For all the aspiring and young artists out there, Isabelle Staub had a piece of advice to share. She wants them to always keep progressing as the process of learning never ends. She shared her journey of being a freelance painter for three years and how she is still learning new things and becoming a better artist. That’s the motivation we need.

What are your thoughts on this idea and her art? Comment down below.

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