If you’ve ever wanted to be James Bond, you might now have the chance to get one step closer to that goal.

Aston Martin has announced they are making the DB5 that became an icon after featuring in one of Bond’s best adventures, Goldfinger. The famous British car company has teamed up with Eon Productions, who produced the Bond films, and are selling 25 of the DB5 Continuations.

James Bond
Distributed by United Artists

The very first of these, appropriately called ‘Job 1’, was recently completed. Aston Martin explained the car took 4,500 hours to make and will cost $3.5 million American dollars. Great news if you’ve got that cash lying around.

But it totally sounds worth the money. The car became famous due to its array of gadgets and gizmos installed by the creative, inventive Q. And Aston Martin are dedicated to replicating as much of this, as possible.

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The initial announcement from Aston Martin explained:

‘This authenticity will extend to include functioning gadgets such as revolving number plates and more, which were made famous in Goldfinger. The gadgets will be co-developed with Oscar winner Chris Corbould, special effects supervisor from the James Bond films.’

James Bond
Distributed by United Artists

The DB5 Continuations are confirmed to have include a removable passenger seat roof panel, battering rams, a smoke screen emitter, tire slashers, oil-slick delivery system and fake front machine guns. As well as this, the interior of the car is fitted with a fake radar display, door telephone, a remote-controlled gadget activation and hidden weapon trays.

The lack of an ejector seat is disappointing.

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Of course, all of these additions hardly make the vehicle road worthy. That said, if you have the money (and a private race track), it would be a lot of fun to live out your Bond fantasies with your own fully equipped Aston Martin DB5.

Source: CNet

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