This amusing fan art uploaded on Twitter shows Baby Yoda aka Grogu teamed up with the boys to scare away the enemies. It’s comical, as Grogu captured hearts worldwide with his cute demeanor. It’s interesting to see him alongside Billy butcher who is contrastingly tough, and hard on the goons. This fan art is indeed compelling to imagine the ever innocent 50 year old Grogu with laser blue eyes threatening away the villains.

  Baby Yoda aka Grogu , the talk of the town for a while.

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The Mandalorian concludes and Baby Yoda is the talk of the town. Hilariously cute memes were developed out of Grogu’s innocence and cuteness. This recently posted fan art has raised varied theories around the Mandalorian sweetheart Grogu teaming up with the crew of The boys. Fans of both the shows are shocked looking at the fan art, uploaded by an ardent fan of both the shows on the official page of The boys.

The edited picture with Baby Yoda and Billy Butcher

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The altered image posted on The Boys account shows Grogu with glowing blue eyes, held by Billy Butcher as a weapon to fight the enemies together. However, the editing is obvious as it is adapted from The Boys season 1 where Billy Butcher was holding another baby and now in this fan art it is Baby Yoda in its place instead.

Is it really possible for Baby Yoda to be cast into an aggressive superhero show The boys alongside the rigid and guttural Billy Butcher ? Well when the directors were asked, they denied such a crossover.  Hence Grogu and The Boys will not be seen together. It is clear because this fan art is just an amusing imagination of an enthusiast of The Boys as well as Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian.


 The Hype Surrounding the fan art featuring Grogu and Billy Butcher


Even though the fans are aware of no crossover as the fan art suggests. Yet as soon as the image was released there was specualtion nationwide. Baby Yoda aka Grogu has force powers, as shown on The Mandalorian, so we can’t deny the speculations about Grogu’s darker side. There are superpowers that Baby Yoda possesses and fans can’t get over how cute and fierce he can simultaneously be if he’s cast in The boys.

The boys starring Billy Butcher, on the other hand, are all set for season 3.  The boys premiered on Amazon Prime, while The Mandalorian was released on Disney+. Since their release both the shows have gained immense popularity. This fan art literally took everyone’s breath away as it was posted, people flooded the account with comments like “this is hilarious”, “this is indeed diabolical” etc. The caption under it asking ‘who did this’ adds more fun to the amusing photo edit.

What if Baby Yoda of The Mandalorian teams up with The boys?

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Therefore even if Baby Yoda of The Mandalorian has to team up with Billy Butcher for The boys, he definitely needs a lot of molding to keep up with the rough boys. Maybe that’s when we get to see a darker side to this cute, adorable alien Baby Yoda. Although let’s not get our hopes too high, because the directors of both the shows haven’t hinted about any crossover of  The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda and The boys.

The Mandalorian season 3 is set to release in 2022, fans are excited to see  Baby Yoda back on the show. In the final episode Din gets defeated and apparently gives up Baby Yoda to Moff Gideon. It was a treat to see that Din Djarin successfully united baby Yoda with his family yet there are some loose ends that fans eagerly await for the release of season 3, to make sense of those loose ends.


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