Attack on Titan fast-paced action and important moments are endlessly entertaining to watch again and again. The personalities of Eren, Anime, and Armin develop over the series, and it’s fun to relive the events that shaped them into the people they are now. Even the villains and supporting characters get sequences in which they are fleshed out as full-fledged members of the cast.

From run-ins with serial murderers to almost-romantic conversations in flower fields, Attack on Titan has numerous sequences that fans love to revisit and analyze, especially in light of season 4’s somber themes.

5. Eren’s Beating

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Captain Levi is one of the most popular characters on the show, and his position grows larger as the seasons progress, but this scene in which he knocks Eren up to prove he is not dangerous is one of his most famous. Eren is a furious and strong-willed guy, but Levi demonstrates to the council that he is not a threat to humans by kicking him in the face and holding him up by the hair.

In retrospect of Eren’s transformation from hero to evil, it’s endlessly entertaining to see him being kicked, especially by fan-favorite Levi. In addition, this scene is worth revisiting because of the strong political struggle that made the first two seasons so dramatic.

4. Levi’s Escape


Kenny Ackerman is the coolest antagonist in Attack on Titan, having grown Levi into the tragic hero he is now. When Kenny reappears, Levi and Kenny go at one other’s throats, and a fast-paced, exciting action sequence unfolds. This sequence contributes to Levi’s tragic plot arc, but it also serves as an amusing break from the Titan fight, demonstrating that humans may be villains in this story.

The personal drama is intriguing, but what makes this sequence worth watching, again and again, is the superb animation, as well as Levi’s rage and anxiety that virtually pours through the screen.

3. Female Titan Vs. Survey Corps

The mystery surrounding who this Titan is persisting throughout season 1, and the Survey Corps’ attempts to catch her is among of the anime’s greatest combat scenes. The combat’s surprises and turns enhance the whole experience, and witnessing individuals struggle for their life intensifies the stakes.

Although several characters die in this sequence, the fast-paced action and outstanding animation make it endlessly rewatchable and highlight the Survey Corps at its finest.

2. Misaka Got Eren’s Scarf


Mikasa gets abducted after her family members are slaughtered, but she ends up murdering her kidnappers when Eren intervenes to save her. Mikasa, who is depressed and lonely, is soothed by Eren, who wraps his scarf around her neck and invites her to come home with him.

This scene has a lot of heart and demonstrates that even the furious Eren and stoic Mikasa can be kind. The sequence is worth watching again because of the lovely characters, the change of pace after the quick action scenes, and significant lines like “our home.”

1. The Sea Sight

After figuring out how to deal with the Titans, the protagonists leave the walls and head for the sea. The Survey Corps is seeing the sea for the first time. It’s a wonderful time for Armin, who has been looking forward to this day since he got his grandfather’s book about the outside world.

The scenario is entertaining and as near to a beach episode as Attack on Titan will likely ever come. Seeing the Survey Corps grin for the first time is endlessly entertaining, despite Eren’s efforts to bring them back to reality. It’s also extremely amusing to witness Hange, one of Attack on Titan’s sharpest characters, obsess about shells and strange sealife she’s never seen before.


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