In the shadows of the boom in Attack on Titan, Eren’s friends and foe have been labored to unite to put a stop to his genocidal plan. So far, the focus has only been on grouping again and revised focussing. But now, in Chapter 127, this all-cast team, consisting of both Eldian and Marleyan soldiers and Titans, has to compute with what “stopping” Eren really means.

Mikasa and her hesitation

Mikasa and her abstinence towards the discussions

No other being is more diverged about this than Mikasa, his adopted sister, and ferocious protector ever since Eren helped her break free from a childhood of abuse when they were both minors. Armin, their childhood best friend, is also uncertain about taking an extreme bunch of action, but Mikasa’s explosive reaction to the mere suggestion that Eren may have to be executed in the name of saving the world proves that, among two of them, it’s a possibility that weighs heaviest on the last female Ackerman.

Tense Discussion in the Woods

Tense discussion and instigations from Yelena

The subject is raised as the group settles down to share some stew in the woods beyond the city lights. The surrounding is substantially tense, made all the worse by their prisoner, Yelena — the most loyal of Zeke Jaeger’s followers — uninterestedly picking at old and fresh wounds alike in the hopes of making them recall just how their brittle alliance actually is. She manages to get the largest the rise out of Jean, but it’s actually Annie who ends up instigating Mikasa.

A clash between Annie and Armin

annie and armin
clash of thoughts between them

“Is the kind of person who performs mass murder really going to have a mind you can change that effortlessly?” Annie points out, to which Armin confesses that they won’t know until they talk to him. Annie retaliates by pushing that they need a “last resort” in place. As you’d expect, this sets off Mikasa to take a menacing stance against the Female Titan. But just when it looks like Annie is going to count, in the same way, the Marleyan woman relents — and goes for an empathetic course of action. “Their stand-off is de-escalated as quickly as it started. It’s difficult not to agree with Annie’s scrutiny that Eren might be a lost cause. And if this turns out to be true, Mikasa will have to confront with the hardest decision in a life of hard decisions: choosing between the person she’s loved the most, or everyone else.1


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