It’s well known by now that the Avengers will be needing a lot of help in taking down Thanos and resurrecting those who are dead. While everyone expects this help to come as Captain Marvel, one fan theory states how The Merc With A Big Mouth could be the key to the survival.

We’re talking about Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool here, as his most recent adventure could actually help the Avengers in their quest to undo the past. Let’s read it.

The fan theory explains that Ant-Man will travel into the Quantum Realm which will allow him to access multiple realities, one of which will be where Deadpool and other X-Men reside. Once he meets Wade Wilson, many opportunities are available, thanks to the latest Deadpool film.

If you’ve watched Deadpool 2, you’d realise that Deadpool gained access to a working version of Cable’s time travelling device which he uses to fix his mistakes. This way if Ant-Man runs into Deadpool, he could use the same time travel technology.

He can then take the time-travelling device back to the MCU and use it to stop Thanos before he wipes out half the existence. This will also explain the time travel and flashbacks that fans are expecting to see before Avengers 4.

However, this theory is absolutely absurd and there’s no way this could happen; at least in Avengers 4. Disney has almost completed the acquisition of 21st Century Fox’s assets which will bring the X-Men and Fantastic Four to the MCU. But given that Avengers 4 has already wrapped its filming, we can easily rule this out.

Hopefully, the X-Men will be available when the next big Marvel team up takes place.

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