A theory around Avengers 4 has revealed the concept of time travel, but now, not everyone seems to be a fan of that. However, one fan has an interesting alternative.

Reddit user ‘filopj’ decided to elaborate on a different method, one that has more to do with the Infinity Stones themselves as opposed going back in time.

“Now if you delve into what the Infinity Stones can do, you would know that the Soul Stone can bring the dead back to life and the Mind Stone can control another’s actions,” filopj wrote. “You probably see where I’m going here. I believe that Thanos will resurrect all the heroes he has dusted and will use either the Mind or Soul Stone to control them and have them act as his minions. If you want, you can also add that he uses the Power Stone to enhance their powers. Or have the Power Stone amplify the effects of the Mind Stone. They could be tasked with keeping the universe’s population at the half but more importantly fight off the Avengers should they make an attempt to steal the Infinity Stones.”

“This would return all of those that were dusted and would add a twist to things. The only way to break the spell would be to either destroy the Mind Stone or steal it, which is no easy task. When they break from their trance, we could get the epic shot of all the heroes that Sebastian Stan teased.”

Someone brought this up that this would go against Thanos wiping half the universe off to begin with, as at the end of the film, he looks quite pleased with his handiwork.

“Ok, maybe not the part where he keeps the universe at half,” filopj said. “But keep in mind that the snap permanently damaged him and the gauntlet. In this next movie he won’t be as strong as he was in Infinity War. If a bunch of strangers can nearly defeat Thanos with 4 stones, I’m pretty sure that a well coordinated Avengers assault would pretty much doom him. He’d need some kind of help because the gauntlet is not the same as it was in Infinity War. Sure it’s still powerful, but I don’t think it can cause a second snap.”

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