Hulk star Mark Ruffalo is now taking the “Tonight Show” bit too far with now encouraging political engagement.

After Ruffalo revealed the title for Avengers 4 last week while appearing on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, many fans started asking the actor about the actual title or if all of it was just a joke.

Ruffalo told one fan: “It’s Avengers 4: Register to Vote.” This seems like a timely comment, given that the Election Day is just a month away.

It all began on the Tonight Show where Ruffalo revealed the film’s title out loud. Later, he went on Twitter and requested Fallon to censor it up.

“[Jimmy Fallon], I trust that you will cut my spoiler slip on the show tonight,” Ruffalo tweeted. “That was ‘off the record’ homey. Please don’t get me in trouble with Marvel (Barry) again. DM me back. M”

Fallon did censor the reveal with a beeping noise and a black bar to prevent fans from reading his lips.

However, the Russo Brothers didn’t seem very happy with Ruffalo’s stunt and told him via Twitter, “Mark, you’re fired.”

Ruffalo responded to this by tweeting, “Guys… can we talk about this?”

Meanwhile, many Marvel fans managed to remove the bleep and revealed the title as The Last Avenger.

However, this doesn’t confirm anything but The Last Avenger makes sense as Avengers 4 will be the final outing for many original Avengers. This could also be a reference to the first Captain America film, The First Avenger. This would put a lot of focus on Steve Rogers, played by Chris Evans, who already has received a lot of attention after his emotional farewell message.

Other reports suggest Avengers: Annihilation, coming from a Marvel cosmic event series.

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