Till the time Marvel gives us the title, we should refer Avengers 4 as “Avengers 4 theory” because that’s what all seems to be happy with the last film of Phase 3 right now! There have been countless theories that have predicted what the real plot of Avengers 4 but so far nothing has been officially confirmed.

Now we have another theory that claims something which is unique as compared to all other theories out there. Coming from a Redditor named Fliopj, the theory claims that Avengers will not undergo Time Travel. Here’s what he says:

“If I am being honest, I am not to fond of the time travel theory. I feel that it would negate the deaths of Infinity War and cause inconsistencies in the timeline. It also doesn’t feel like something the Russo brothers would do. If anything, I think that they want us to think that it’s time travel so that they defy our expectations. However, I have come up with a possible theory as to what may happen. Now I don’t have much evidence to back up my claim (other than the fact that everyone will be coming back) at the moment as I am just typing from my head. I only intend to discuss a possibility that could happen.”

The user states that the Avengers who survived the snap will be taking on the ones who were dusted, as those dead heroes will become Thanos’ soul controlled army.

“Now if you delve into what the Infinity Stones can do, you would know that the Soul Stone can bring the dead back to life and the Mind Stone can control another’s actions. You probably see where I’m going here. I believe that Thanos will resurrect all the heroes he has dusted and will use either the Mind or Soul Stone to control them and have them act as his minions. If you want, you can also add that he uses the Power Stone to enhance their powers. Or have the Power Stone amplify the affects of the Mind Stone. They could be tasked with keeping the universes population at half but more importantly fight off the Avengers should they make an attempt to steal the Infinity Stones.

This would return all of those that were dusted and would add a twist to things. The only way to break the spell would be to either destroy the Mind Stone or steal it, which is no easy task. When they break from their trance, we could get the epic shot of all the heroes that Sebastian Stan teased.”

This would be a great twist and from what fans are thinking about the film, it will be a comic-book-like cliche if it happens. However, this will surely leave many fans frustrated if this is the direction that Avengers 4 takes.

So far, time travel has been teased and reported on multiple occasions and the film will have to do largely with the intricacies of the Quantum Realm, which will be responsible for bringing the heroes back to life.

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