Avengers 4 still has seven months to go and fans are already losing their shit. Among all the things fans anticipating for in the film, Iron Man’s new suit is certainly driving fans crazy. We get to see a new suit with advancements in every film. However, things went to a whole new level in Infinity War.

Marvel did not spend time explaining how he got those upgrades but for all we know is that Stark used Nanotechnology. This suit seemed ready to take on almost everything as it hid more abilities that the Hulkbuster armour.

A few days back, a few images depicting the forthcoming Iron Man suit surfaced on the internet. The helmet design looks changed and the suit sported a new armour. The colour pattern reveals more gold around the face and limbs, something akin to the first Iron Man film.

However, fans also believe that this won’t be the only suit Stark wears in Avengers 4. The untitled Avengers 4 is rumoured as Robert Downey’s last film in the MCU. It makes sense for him to wear something never seen before. The nanotechnology advanced suit in Infinity War was undeniably good, but the next suit needs to be one step above that.

Even with all those advancements, Stark just managed to put a scratch on Thanos. Although he fought his heart out, still got easily taken down by the Mad Titan. So one can expect the new armour to be built by Stark, keeping everything in mind. With the deaths of Peter and other Avengers, we expect Stark to build the new suit rather emotionally.

New suits for heroes and villains in every film also help Disney to sell their merchandise and toys. Iron Man’s toy sales are really high and an upgrade can help Disney in boosting up their sales.

Tony is expected to lead SHIELD after Nick Fury perished after Thanos’ snap. This being Downey’s last film, fans may expect to see the best Iron Man armour till date. After all, Iron Man is the centre of MCU and everything revolves around him.

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