Never-before-seen the Avengers: Endgame concept art features the young Thanos with the Eternals. Marvel Studios had been teasing the introduction of the Mad Titan as early as the 2011’s Thor. Throughout the years since then, he has appeared in cameos on a string of films, but it wasn’t until 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War that he has officially debuted. Despite having a massive cast all vying for great screen time, the narrative’s focal point was the villain to properly execute The Decimation that had happened at the end of the movie.

Thanos: One of the best villains in the MCU

Soon after, Thanos has been hailed as one of the best villains in the MCU despite of the fact that it only ever properly appearing in one film at that point. He made such a powerful impact into the franchise handing the Avengers; their first ever real defeat when he successfully collected all Infinity Stones and had dust off half of life in the galaxy in the hopes of achieving balance. But Earth’s Mightiest Heroes couldn’t simply sit around accepting defeat. Although it took them a little bit longer, they were eventually able to take down the Mad Titan and bring back everyone that was lost in The Decimation in the Avengers: Endgame. Thanos is already gone but there’s still so much that fans don’t know about the villain, including his own origin which is teased in this new concept art.

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Artwork on Thanos’ origin

Created by Ryan Lang (via Marveltalk),the art is an illustration revealing a young Thanos with his family. In the image, a significantly slimmer Mad Titan stands tall beside three other beings which the artist confirms were supposed to be the Eternals. In his caption, Lang provided context for the illustration saying that he “was asked to visualize what Eternals looked like next to a very young Thanos. I think there was a flash back at one of the points.”You can check out the artwork below:

Considering the different iterations of the Infinity War and its sequel before the directors Joe and Anthony Russo landed on both the movies’ theatrical cuts, it’s possible that at one point, they may have thought of actually introducing the Mad Titan’s family into the picture. Although the Avengers sequels skipped this entirely, perhaps due to time constraints, it did confirm that the MCU is sticking with Thanos’ established lineage in the comic books being the son of A’lars, an Eternal during his encounter with the Red Skull to get the Soul Stone in the  Vormir. What’s curious now is whether or not Marvel Studios will mine design inspiration from the Lang’s interpretation of the cosmically-powered ancient beings in The Eternals.

Synopsis: According to reports

No official word yet with regard to the synopsis of The Eternals, but according to the reports it will be primarily a love story set during the height of the war between the Eternals and the Deviants. It’s uncertain yet how the film fits in the established MCU lore, but considering Thanos being an Eternal-Deviant hybrid in the comicbooks, there’s a good chance that his existence is somehow linked to whatever goes down in this upcoming film. And whatever narrative was cut out from the Avengers: Endgame will at least be touched on in the Chloe Zhao’s flick somehow.

Source: screenrant, Hiptoro

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