Marvel’s ‘Endgame’ had a new record of being the eight highest-earning movies of all time which makes the movie exceptionally pre- eminent. In just a span of a weak, the movie has proved to earn $1.5 dollars and is looking forward to making further profits.

Avengers Endgame
Avengers Endgame

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Endgame is  not a movie it is  an emotion

With that extreme kinda love from fans, Avengers Endgame is an emotion. Those 10 years along with those 22 Movies was a whole different era for the Marvel enthusiast. And Endgame was the end of the first era. The movie was not only appreciated by the fans but also by critics making it an all-time favourite Blockbuster. According to the fans, all those years was like a journey to them who made Marvel a part of their life. And with the end of the infinity Saga, they are gonna miss a crucial part of the journey. People’s love for Iron Man crossed all its limit after the release of the Endgame which even made them extremely sentimental. The way he fought Thanos and deceived him with the infinity stone, portrayed Iron Man’s wit and bravery.

The Last Line

The most legendary line of Marvel Cinematic Universe which is being repeated infinite times by fans has a great story behind it. During the shoot of the movie, the movie makers wanted to ensure that the movie has an epic ending. And after putting all of their heads together they got on with this line’ “I am Iron Man”. Yes, this line, which impacted so many people at a time was an addition at the last moment. The way Iron Man took the infinity stone right under the nose of Thanos made him a true hero, which no doubt, he already was!

Tony Stark Avengers Endgame
Tony Stark Avengers Endgame

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How the line was put into action

The end had to be unique and extraordinary. And to make that happen the filmmakers were trying all kinda end lines. When out of a sudden editor Jeff Ford suggested the idea of using “I am Iron Man” as the last line of Tony Stark and the ending of the Infinity Saga. This particular line represents who real Tony Stark was and the amount of pride/confidence he had in himself. And with that pride, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is saved from the greatest villain.

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