Tony Stark is always an innovator who introduced a new Iron Aman armour in Avengers: Infinity War that was his most advanced yet. Featuring a brilliant nano-tech, Stark’s new armour could form a complete one pieced shell around his body within a few seconds time.

After the release of Avengers: Endgame trailer yesterday, the first thing noticed by viewers was Stark’s Iron Man helmet. It posed a question: if his armour was nanotech, how did he remove his helmet and keep it separate from his suit?

In the recent Infinity War artbook, Marvel Studios Visual Development Supervisor Phil Saunders compared Stark’s nanotech to liquid metal.

“This is liquid metal. And when you’re dealing with liquid metal and nanotechnology, you’re not going to use nanotech to form bolts and screws and rigid sheet metal panels and stuff like that,” Saunders said. “It just doesn’t make any sense. So the first thinking we were thinking about was ‘Okay, how do we maintain something that’s still grounded as an iron man suit, but it makes sense in that it’s liquid metal?'”

“I spend a lot of time thinking about and illustrating how the suit would form–wanting to get a sense that even though it’s liquid metal, its not one large, cohesive liquid metal. It’s actually forming all the anatomical hairs underneath. there’s sort of a neurological layer and a circulatory-system layer that gets formed, and then a layer of musculature.”

As revealed by Saunders in the book, the suite is essentially a duplicate body in itself. The shit has layers based on the circulatory, muscular and neurological systems of the body.

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