Avengers: Endgame‘s ending certainly brought tears to many fans’ eyes. One of the character fates which was highly moving was definitely of Captain America’s. Everyone loved that Steve Rogers got his happy ending with Peggy Carter. But it did leave a lot of questions unanswered about the mechanics of him going back in time and getting married to Peggy but also being in the main timeline.

To confuse things even more, the directors and writers have two different explanations of why that happened.

Writers And Directors Of Avengers: Endgame Talk About Captain America’s Time Travel

Endgame writers and directors have differing views on Captain America's time travel. Pic courtesy: Popsugar.com
Endgame writers and directors have differing views on Captain America’s time travel. Pic courtesy: Popsugar.com

The directors of Avengers: Endgame, the Russos say that Captain America created a new timeline and just hopped back over for that lake scene. But the writers say that there have been two Captain America’s all along. The writers do elaborate on their views as well.

In an interview with aptly named Backstory Magazine, writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely laid out how they think the series of events went according to their “Two Caps” interpretation.

First of all, McFeely explained that it (sort of) gels with the explanation of time travel the Ancient one gave in Endgame. McFeely said that:

“Here’s how we reconcile it. We think there have always been two Caps from 1945 to, say, now, and we just didn’t know that. That’s the loop, right? It’s not Back to the Future rules, it’s branch reality rules. This is not stepping on a butterfly that turns the world into Biff’s casino. You can’t alter your future by going back to the past.”

Captain America: Civil War Holds The Key To Understanding Steve Rogers’s Time Travel

Old Steve Rogers was at Peggy Carter's funeral in Civil War. Pic courtesy: denofgeek.com
Old Steve Rogers was at Peggy Carter’s funeral in Civil War. Pic courtesy: denofgeek.com

McFeely also confirmed that Steve travels back to 1984 to reunite with Peggy- after the events of Agent Carter which took place in 1946-1947. Then there would have only been the one Captain America in the timeline until the original Cap was defrosted 70 years later. Although there was one occasion when they almost met.

“He jumped to 1948 and decided to stay. So, his younger self is on ice somewhere and it’s only in 2011 that there are technically two Steves running around- to the point where if you were to look closely at Peggy’s funeral, there’d be an old man in the back named Roger Stevens.”

This last point was actually a fan theory which was devised after Endgame. It basically said that Old Man Cap secretly appeared in Captain America: Civil War. Markus and McFeely recently revealed they believe this is canon, thought it’s not very sure if this “Roger Stevens” is the pair confirming the alias Steve used for his second life or if it’s just a joke.

Overall, fans should understand that both the views (of the Russos and the writers) are valid, you can actually subscribe to whichever one you like.

If you want to know more about how Captain America’s time travel worked in Avengers: Endgame then check out the video below:

(Source: wegotthiscovered. com and cinemablend.com)

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