Most people consider eating a full quart of cookie dough ice cream to be a guilty pleasure, as may listening to country music. It’s something that most people think is bad or awful, but you can’t help but support and fall in love with it every time you see or perform it. People are often harsh when it comes to movies, particularly those in the superhero genre.

From a critically panned flop to a way too close to the original sequel, and from a mute anti-hero to a talking duck that should never see the light of day again, we commemorate the best superhero movies that you love but the rest of us despise!

5. Fantastic 4

Fantastic Four Movies 2005 2007 Removed Amazon Itunes

Many people will probably wonder why this version of Fantastic Four is on the list rather than the more contemporary adaption. There’s a simple reason for that, nice audience: this movie had to redeem characteristics that people liked, but the other didn’t. While some of the characters were miscast, the tale was amusing, and pre-Captain America Chris Evans played the wise-cracking Johnny Storm to perfection.

While some people continue to have problems with the film for a variety of reasons, Marvel’s founding family might have been treated far worse… than they were in 2015.

4. Spawn

Spawn was another film that wasn’t all that horrible when it came out. It looked nice, the character was well-portrayed, and the aesthetics were fantastic (at the time). Having said that, the film hasn’t fared well in terms of aging. In terms of graphics, the film now looks like an outdated Playstation 2 game, and a lot of it just comes off the wrong way to a younger audience.

3. Ghost Rider

nic cage ghost rider

The constantly exaggerated Nicholas Cage was not a horrible choice to play the lead in this film. The plot revolved around Johnny Blaze, who sacrificed his soul to save his motorbike daredevil father’s life, only to have him taken away. Years later, Johnny is given the ability to combat the devil’s adversaries by assuming the identity of the Ghost Rider.

The original film in the Ghost Rider franchise is a guilty pleasure since, unlike its sequel, it has some redeeming aspects. As previously said, Nicholas Cage was an excellent option for Johnny.

2. Batman & Robin

batman robin movie

It has been said several times how much people despise Batman and Robin. Everything about it, from the casting to the ice puns, the narrative, and the Bat-nipples, seems to incite rage in people at the mere mention of it. This is not to say that it is utterly unloved or without worth.

According to some, George Clooney was the right combination of Bruce Wayne and Batman. The ice puns, on the other hand, made them feel as though they had found their home in this cold, merciless world.

1. Green Lantern

green lantern revisted header

Green Lantern is widely regarded as one of the most reviled superhero films of all time, both by fans and critics alike. While the casting of Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan was excellent, the rest of the film appeared to fall apart for the majority of the audience. Some fans, on the other hand, were able to see past the film’s flaws and enjoy it for what it was: the first time Green Lantern appeared on the big screen!

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