Batman may be in trouble right now as someone is after him and people who trained him. Leslie Thompkins was executed and Alfred was assaulted in the issue previously. And now the beast that assaulted them has gone after a few other people who trained Bruce Wayne.

In this issue, the men who prepared Batman in battle and ninjitsu are altogether set in peril against this approaching danger.

While Master Kigiri and Thaddeus Brown make it out of the issue in one piece, the animal’s assault ends up being excessive for Henri Ducard. The world-class professional killer who guided a young Bruce Wayne. Ducard later turned into a major Batman rival.

Created by screenwriter Sam Hamm for the 1989 Batman, Ducard was a specialist who prepared Bruce Wayne amid his movements around the globe. A version of Ducard later showed up in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises, played by Liam Neeson.


In 2019, Detective Comics #996 discovers Ducard pushed beyond his limits. Batman and Robin at first trust him to be in charge of the assaults on Leslie and Alfred. However, when Batman tracks him down, Ducard is covering up in the catacombs under France.

This story ends up being a continuation of Tomasi’s run on Batman and Robin. This saw them managing the aftermath from the battle with Nobody, Ducard’s child.

Ducard is still lamenting the loss of his child, however, he isn’t a man searching for requital. He confesses seeing his son’s death via a live feed sent to him.

Being compelled to watch the passing of his child significantly harmed him, but it wasn’t something that roused him to get even with those behind it. Rather, it basically broke him, and he’s been secluded from everything from that point onward.


Something is chasing down and harming those who have helped in the making of Batman. Alfred and Leslie were instrumental in helping Bruce Wayne develop as a youngster. Presently, all attention is to those who helped Bruce turn into a weapon.

Whether the monster is behind these assaults or there is another person pulling its string is yet to be revealed. However, the attacker is developing into something almost relentless.

At last, the duo is overpowered by this baffling adversary and is too ill-equipped to even make a compelling stand. Ducard becomes overpowered and, in a final desperate attempt to bring down the beast, he uses grenades to explode them both. At last, Batman is left remaining after the two bodies vanish into the water underneath.

Comics 101 discloses to us that nobody is genuinely dead until there is a body. Despite the fact that we don’t see the monster once more, its craftsmanship is seen somewhere else, and chances are it has endured. Henri Ducard is likely dead though.

Source: CBR

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