Batman has a varied range of weapons and equipment that he deploys in his never-ending battle against crime. But sometimes, that war can risk consuming his human connections. That has happened to alternate-universe incarnations of the vigilante – but now the core Dark Knight has taken a step closer to the precipice. Lucius Fox just helped inaugurate Batman’s newest gadget, the Bat-Swarm. Although it could help bring down crime, it could also lead Bruce to become more like his Kingdom Come counterpart.


 batman gadgets
Gadgets to deal against crime

Batman has been dealing with attacks on ample of his established villains by a group of the world’s deadliest assassins. While investigating the disappearance of the Riddler at the apparent hands of the mysterious Designer, Batman finds out from Lucius that Deathstroke is on the move. Not willing to let the villain escape but unable to shift his attention away from his investigation, Batman and Lucius decide to utilize a new drone system that they’ve designed and hidden within Gotham City named as Bat-swarm.

Overview of the gadget

 batman gadgets
Batman and his utility gadgets

The robots have been printed and assembled to serve as a fleet of remote-controlled drones, and there are plenty of them already in action. Lucius refers to the system as the Bat Spawn. The drones release out of the Tricorner Yards, giving Batman a great deal of reach across the city even when he’s not physically present. Even The Deathstroke cannot escape from the hands of the newest gadget.

Kingdom come

 batman kingdom come
The rise of the dark side of Batman

Batman from the Kingdom Come reality resorted to creating an entire legion of man-sized drones that could act in his stead which separated him from the people he was trying to protect, further isolating him and turning the hero into even more of a recluse than he normally is. It took the near apocalypse incident to bring Bruce back out of hiding and back into the light. Seeing Bruce inch closer to that version of himself is always worrisome, but especially in the given circumstances.


 batman gadgets
The inference on the future self of Batman

All of these events could easily push Batman further and further from his loved ones, and more use of robotics that he can use instead as his allies in his war on crime. If so, then his new technological advancement might be the first step towards a disastrous future and into a black hole.

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