The upcoming Batman event, titled Shadows of the Bat, will see big shake-ups in the Bat-Family:

 The Shadows of the Bat
A Still From the upcoming Batman event, titled Shadows of the Bat

DC Comics has hinted that the forthcoming Batman story, Shadows of the Bat, will bring significant changes to the Bat-Family. The new Batman event follows Fear State and is the most current in a string of recent line-wide events. Following the end of Dark Nights: Death Metal, Future State began off DC’s year. This possible future saw the arrival of Tim “Jace” Fox as the next Batman, as well as several other alterations to the Bat-Family. Batman’s disappearance from Gotham City in Shadows of the Bat suggests that DC is approaching the probable scenario seen in Future State. Fear State depicted the start of Simon Saint’s Magistrate program, which spawned the totalitarian rulers of Gotham’s future. The Bat-Family has had to deal with Scarecrow’s intrigues as well as the control of this anti-vigilante army. In the aftermath of the catastrophe, Gotham will be left without Batman for unexplained reasons, according to Shadows of the Bat. It’s likely that, with Saint’s Peacekeepers and Scarecrow out of the way, he considers Gotham safe enough to leave for an unspecified amount of time. It’s also been reported that Batman’s disappearance has led some to believe he’s dead, despite the fact that he would never quit his job as Gotham’s protector.

 The November release of Detective Comics 2021:

DC Comics November 2021 Solicitations
DC Comics November 2021 Solicitations

Everything will kick off in November with the release of Detective Comics 2021 Annual by Mariko Tamaki, Matthew Rosenberg, David Lapham, and Triko Mulvihill. Detective Comics 2021 Annual will launch a twelve-week arc in Detective Comics. Shadows of the Bat will explore Batman’s unexpected choice to leave Gotham, as well as how the Bat-Family steps in to fill in for him. Fortunately for Gotham, the Bat-Family hasn’t been this powerful in years. Even characters like Harley Quinn, who has just appeared in James Tynion IV’s Batman series, will be present to look after Bruce Wayne’s beloved hometown. Of course, Batgirl and Batwoman will continue to be active city guardians. Perhaps one of them will rise up to be the undisputed go-to hero, like Batman once was. Nightwing, a visiting hero from Gotham, will be present at the opening of the event, when he and Batman argue about Arkham Tower. This projected new replacement for the recently demolished Arkham Asylum will be placed in the heart of the city. Obviously, a new location to house Gotham’s problematic citizens and criminals is required. But putting the most deadly enemies Batman has ever encountered in the midst of Gotham, surrounded by bystanders, is not a good plan. This will be one of the first issues that the heroes of the new Batman event will have to deal with, as previewed in Detective Comics #1044 by Stephanie Phillips, David Lapham, Trudi Mulvihill, and Rob Leigh.

New villains are inbound as Shadows of the Bat begins:

In Shadows of the Bat, New Villains Are Suspected
In Shadows of the Bat, New Villains Are Suspected

New villains are on the way when Shadows of the Bat begins, as is to be expected at the commencement of any major comic book event. Dr. Wear, who is in charge of Arkham Tower, is a new figure who will be treating Gotham’s most dangerous criminals using experimental medications, similar to Scarecrow’s deadly tactics. Dr. Wear appears to be straddling the line between being a curious scientist and falling into full-fledged villainy by exploiting his new victims for his own wicked purposes. Interestingly, DC has hinted that Dr. Wear might be a well-known villain in disguise. But who might it be, and what is his motivation? Another new enemy, Maeger Man, has been hyped as the most nefarious danger to Gotham. Maeger Man “wreaks havoc in the streets and becomes the epitome of Gotham’s failing system!” according to the solicitation for Detective Comics 2021 Annual. Shadows of the Bat will put the Bat-Family to the ultimate test, determining once and for all whether Gotham City can genuinely exist without Batman.

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