Ben Affleck as Batman
Ben Affleck as Batman

Zack Snyder Bids Farewell to Ben Affleck’s Batman

Zack Snyder is now bidding goodbye to Ben Affleck’s Batman. Snyder directed Affleck in the role for his debut in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and then in 2017’s Justice League. A video was posted to Vero by Snyder giving a farewell to Affleck. The message felt like a reflection on how best-imagined plans may go otherwise.

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“The was a time above…” Snyder writes, “a time before…there were perfect things…diamong absolutes. But things fail…things on earth. And what falls…is fallen. IN the dream, it took me to the light. A beautiful lie…Best Batman ever. Thank you my friend for blessing me with that freaking glorious chin and an amazing hart.”

Zack Snyder’s post saying goodbye to Affleck’s Batman:

VERO: Zack says his farewell to Ben Afflecks Batman from r/DC_Cinematic

Ben Affleck’s exit from DCEU was confirmed earlier this month. Matt Reeves will be helming the project and is reportedly looking for a younger Batman. Little is know about the Batman film as of now.

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Affleck also commented on the news, showing support to Reeves’ vision of Batman.

“Excited for The Batman in Summer 2021 and to see Matt Reeves’ vision come to life,” Affleck tweeted.

Affleck officially hung his cape during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He also explained why he left the role.

“I tried to direct a version of it, worked with a really good screenwriter, but couldn’t come up with a version,” Affleck told Kimmel. “Couldn’t crack it. So I thought it was time to let someone else take a shot at it, and they got some really good people.”

Affleck’s exit marks another piece of Snyder’s vision leaving DCEU. Henry Cavill also seems to have exited his role as Superman, although he and Warner Bros may strike another deal.

Talking about Snyder, the director left Justice League and was later replaced by Joss Whedon for the film. Fans have supported Snyder with the “Release the Snyder’s Cut” slogan. Snyder offered his thanks for the measures taken by fans to support him.

Source:, Reddit

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