In the DC Universe, the Joker has been Batman’s most vicious nemesis:

Cover Page Of The new children's novel Batman and Robin and Howard
The Cover Page Of the new children’s graphic novel Batman and Robin and Howard

Within the bounds of the DC Universe, it’s reasonable to argue that the Joker has been Batman’s most heinous foe. In his clashes with the Caped Crusader, the Clown Prince of Crime has killed a Robin, left Batgirl in a wheelchair, and created havoc and devastation beyond imagination. In the children’s comic novel Batman and Robin and Howard, however, a new enemy achieves something that the Joker never could, completely shattering Bruce Wayne. Even after losing his memory, the Joker has tried mind games after mind games, but the Dark Knight always finds a way to return. That assumption, however, is tested by a surprise new foe when Damian begins his trip to middle school, going from the opulent Gotham Prep to the humble Gotham Metro Academy.

In this comic, the Caped Crusader has to investigate a string of incidents happening at other schools:

The Caped Crusader is seen trapped in a looker room by his new enemy
During a school investigation, the caped crusader is seen trapped in a looker room by his new adversary

While Damian adjusts to his new circumstances, the Caped Crusader receives information from Commissioner Jim Gordon about a series of occurrences occurring at other schools. Someone is vandalizing the gyms, prompting the investigator to suspect one of his former adversaries when he discovers shredded footballs at the scene of the crimes. He ends up at Damian’s old school, but as soon as he walks into the gym, he is trapped inside. When a strange individual boasts about how strong this titanium door is, Batman understands he is stuck. As he goes missing throughout the weekend, his phone dies and his utility belt is full of worthless goods that won’t help him escape, he begins to panic. As he mulls over the fact that he’ll never solve the case or see his child again, his mental condition frays, unsettling Bruce like never before. He’s neurotic, fabricating evidence and blaming his rogues while they’re still in Arkham Asylum. Batman even begins to make fun of himself and begins to question his mission.

Batman Is Luckily Saved By Damian and His New Best Friend, Howard:

A Still of Batman loosing it in the locker room he's trapped in
We can even see Batman losing it while staying too long in the room

Fortunately, Damian and his new best buddy, Howard, connect the dots and save Batman. As he gathers his thoughts over the following several days, he quickly realizes that his new foe is Gotham Prep’s nefarious coach. Damian’s old soccer coach was ensuring that the other teams suffered and lost so that his undefeated streak would bring him calls from scouts and much larger jobs. Batman captures his new foe, who winds up in Arkham training his hardest squad yet, Gotham’s villains. Meanwhile, the Caped Crusader has learned the hard way not to underestimate opponents, even if they aren’t located on Gotham’s streets.

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