The DC Extended Universe has had a considerable amount of wasted chances, yet, of its numerous slips, many fans appear to appreciate Ben Affleck’s version of the Caped Crusader. Zack Snyder, who picked Affleck for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and has basically gone separate ways from the shared universe, reminded fans recently that he is so pleased to have tapped the actor for the job.

Over on Vero, Snyder shared a photograph of Affleck as the Dark Knight, writing, “I was transferring some photographs from my old PC and went over this- – not sure if I shared this one but it’s cool…Ben is my perfect Batman.”

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In spite of Snyder and fans valuing Affleck’s endeavours as the character, the poor reception of his DCEU movies may have ruined feasible plans for the character.

Affleck appeared in Batman v Superman, denoting the first time the two notable superheroes graced the screen together. Just like the idea of Snyder’s vision of these characters, the experience was dark and morose, precluding fans from any hope they wished to have seen from these heroic characters. The film was an enormous financial achievement, taking in $870 million around the world, however, received poor critical reviews, with Rotten Tomatoes figuring just 27 percent positive reviews.

Affleck’s next trip as Batman was in Justice League, which earned comparable poor reviews to Batman v Superman yet earned just a small amount of the box-office haul, lighting bits of gossip that the performer was hoping to abandon the franchise. Lamentably, these rumors increased more than any of the positive remarks the actor has made about the series, conceivably planting the thought in his mind that things would be better in the event that he abandoned the franchise.

The forthcoming The Batman initially had Affleck connected, however, he left those obligations to Matt Reeves. Reports guarantee the film will concentrate on a more youthful Bruce Wayne, which would require a more youthful actor for the role, perhaps permitting Affleck to desert the character for good.

Snyder, in the meantime, left Justice League while it was still underway as a reaction to a family tragedy and hasn’t affirmed any future direct inclusion in DCEU ventures.

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