Joe Manganiello, who played Deathstroke, revealed some of the exciting story details of The Batman version of Ben Affleck, which contains a series of revenge as well as bodies.

Joe Manganiello’s Explaining Ben Affleck’s The Batman

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Manganiello shares the details of scrapped plans for Ben Affleck’s The Batman. The story starts when Robert Pattinson, as well as Matt Reeves, started working on the new solo movie of Batman. At that time, Ben was prepared with the story of Dark Knight, which was the first DC Extended Universe’s standalone movie.

Note that with playing the role of Batman, Affleck was scheduled as director, producer, writer of The Batman too.

Ben Affleck Experience In Justice Leagben-affleck-batman-quit-reason-revealed

Initially, after the fierce experience of Justice League, Ben Affleck decided to walk away from the role of Batman. Still, then he decided to play the director and writer role for The Batman. Till now, viewers have seen a very different version of Bruce Wayne, then Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne. According to the reports, this movie was linked to the Arkham Asylum (Game) Story.

The main villain for this movie would be Deathstroke, Ben Affleck confirmed it. Also, Joe Manganiello was cast in the role, and also he had played a cameo in Justice League because of Ben Affleck.

Joe Manganiello as DeathstrokeDeathstroke Joe Manganiello

At the moment, Manganiello’s role as Deathstroke is gaining popularity, and with that, he’s now very open in providing his thoughts to the world. Recently, Yahoo had taken an interview of him in which he had told his viewpoints regarding the storyline of Deathstroke and Affleck’s The Batman. The storyline contains the dark story of Bruce Wayne. Adding to that, Affleck said that the deadly mercenary would destroy Bruce Wayne in many ways.

He also told about a twist in which Deathstroke will blame Wayne for an incident of the past.

Source: Screenrant

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