Maybe the #1 rule of the web is: Almost everything you post on the web are going to be commented on.
And it probably won’t be a pleasant comment or maybe a helpful comment.
Be that as it may, in some cases, a saint goes along and says something hilarious in the right comeback.
It probably won’t be nice or helpful, but a minimum of it had been funny or insightful.
In the end, that’s all that basically matters. Because of the Reddit forum  r/CleverComebacks, we were ready to collect the simplest comebacks from the week here in one place.

1. Lord’s Name

1002324342 photo u1 Copy
pablodesarasate / Reddit


2. Ouch!!

1002324344 photo u1 Copy
Hax4Life6396 / Reddit

3. Are you sure?

1002324348 photo u1 Copy
emperorarg / Reddit

4. Reinforcements

1002324345 photo u1 Copy
i_like_cute_doge / Reddit

5. Dad Joke

1002324352 photo u1 Copy
thesmartass1 / Reddit

6. I See You!

1002324350 photo u1 Copy
thunderProtect / Reddit

7. These Kind of Games

1002324356 photo u1 Copy
Dry-Net / Reddit

8. What was you point?

1002324354 photo u1 Copy

IsMathScience_ / Reddit9. Ben Shapiro

1002324359 photo u1 Copy
ericpol3 / Reddit

10. Ssshhh!

1002324360 photo u1 Copy
lucynyu13 / Reddit

11. Hallmark

1002324362 photo u1 Copy

12. The Title Says it.

1002324358 photo u1 Copy
4redditobly / Reddit

13. Straight To Hell


1002324375 photo u1 Copy
Peppermintsweetxxx / Reddit

14. “Yo MAMA”


1002324376 photo u1 Copy
KevlarYarmulke / Reddit

15. Tell us You are a Simmer.


1002324377 photo u1 Copy
ral365 / Reddit

16. Why you do this YouTube!?

1002324378 photo u1 Copy
Bamadhaj / Reddit


17. Armour

1002324380 photo u1 Copy
SkrooImperator / Reddit

18. Be Realistic.

1002324381 photo u1
lucynyu13 / Reddit

19. Basic Science

1002324382 photo u1
Geocacher123 / Reddit



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