While Archie and the gang’s popularity has ebbed and flowed over the years, the effect of the comics, particularly the famous love triangle Archie has with Betty and Veronica, has remained strong. There have been several crossovers throughout the years due to the success of Archie Comics and the adored nature of the characters.

It should come as no surprise that the Riverdale gang has been involved in a slew of crossovers throughout the years, whether with real-life celebrities or another well-known franchise. Some were single issues, while others were part of larger stories. More curiously, some of them turned out to be rather strange, which makes them memorable in the long term.


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Over the years, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have had a number of different publishers and owners. Archie eventually published them for a while. As a result, they finally landed up in Riverdale. This was one of Archie’s first crossovers.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Meet Archie was a collection of short stories. While the initial tale featured a crossover, subsequent issues would include two stories from each brand. Maybe it’s for the best because the first narrative saw the Turtles saving Veronica from imposter IRS officers. However, the art in the crossover was fantastic, considering it was created by professional TMNT artists.


02. FELL FLAT Archie vs Punisher

Archie meets The Punisher is maybe the most well-known comic crossover of all time. The Punisher finds up following a drug dealer to Riverdale and becomes a chaperone at a school dance. It’s a perfect example of a crossover brought about through industry camaraderie rather than synergy. However, the crossover’s peculiarity works to its advantage.

It’s without a doubt one of the most memorable crossovers on this list. The crossover was commended for being loyal to both characters rather than adopting one of their styles. It also started the crossover pattern for both Marvel and Archie. What appeared to be a joke turned out to be fantastic all around.


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This crossover may have appeared to be a no-brainer given that both properties appear to be from the same kitschy period. However, Archie predates Adam West’s Batman by decades, and the two brands are almost the same age! However, Batman ’66 contains a plethora of crossovers of its own. The original Dynamic Duo eventually made their way to Riverdale.

Classic Batman villains attack the city, causing the gang to seek assistance from Batman. This results in an oddly amusing team-up. Batman and Robin are forced to save Archie’s Riverdale chum Jughead from a villain’s schemes. This crossover was hailed for its unpredictable narrative with several twists and turns.



KISS has a long history of crossover success. So it may appear that the hard rock heavy metal phenomenon would collide with The Archies. But that didn’t stop the crossover from being outrageously entertaining. Sabrina, who ends up sending zombies and monsters to Riverdale, facilitates another crossover.

Fortunately, the cosmic rock band KISS arrives to beat off the undead. While Archie has previously included superstar artists, this was a full-fledged crisis crossing. This was so well-received that it opened the door for further musical visitors. This includes, in addition to the aforementioned Ramones, the Monkees, Blondie, the B-52s, CHVRCHES, and others.


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Archie VS Sharknado was an official tie-in for the third Sharknado film, with the director also serving as a writer. Despite actually jumping the shark, the Riverdale adolescents’ pranks blended perfectly with the hard-core violence.

Betty and Veronica are caught in the middle of a Sharknado onslaught. They bring it back to Riverdale, where it kills numerous characters, including Sabrina. The fact that this crossover is one-of-a-kind and the joyful conclusion are two major factors that help it stand out. This kept the crossover fresh while simultaneously preserving the campy appeal of Archie Andrews’ school life.

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