Beyonce concerts can get pretty wild sometimes. Usually, fans are the ones who are left spellbound by their idol’s performance but this time tables were turned. A fan left the Queen herself speechless after he sang a line of the hit song Halo. Back in 2013, the fans who were present at the Copenhagen concert of the singer witnessed this pretty iconic moment that has been kept alive by the internet since then.

This fan interaction is still among the top most on the list, and people keep revising the moment on YouTube to experience the rare glimpse again and again.


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A fan left Beyonce speechless

Beyonce’s Copenhagen concert will go down in history as one of the most memorable concerts ever. It takes a lot to impress Queen Bey herself, and a die-hard fan of the singer did it successfully without any hesitation. The 28-time Grammy winner was on stage singing her heart out while fans went crazy. As soon as she reached to the fans standing just beside the stage while singing Halo, a talented individual bust out his musical prowess to compete with the legend. Therefore, it did not take much time for the Single Ladies singer to notice the fan singing his lungs out, and just when she decided to see what all her admirer has in store for her, she was not at all disappointed.

Beyonce was speechless after listening to her fan sing
Beyonce was speechless after listening to her fan sing

As soon as she decided to lend her microphone to the fan, the power of his beautiful voice captivated the whole arena, including the creator of the song. The fan belted out the lyrics to the song flawlessly resulting in a moment that captures the Queen Bey herself mesmerized and in disbelief. This particular moment was captured by another fan at the moment and was uploaded on YouTube so that the rest of the world can also witness the magic before their eyes and soon enough the video started to get traction. It has currently over 8 million views on the site.

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Fans on the internet applauded Beyonce for giving the fan a chance

The rare moment which was shared on the internet started a conversation about how well Beyonce treats her fans. The bee-hive since then has not shut up about how down-to-earth their queen is, and not many have refuted this claim so far. This video is still one of the most talked about fan interactions ever. Here are some of the comments to showcase the fan reactions. One fan wrote,

“Beyonce, for a woman with so much success and talent, is perhaps the most humble celebrity I’ve ever seen. I think her ability to make it so easy to relate to her is perhaps the most alluring quality about her”

While another wrote,

“She is so adorable. And always sweet to her fans. And this boy, oh lord, he can sing. Give him a record deal”

Meanwhile another explained how this small clip put a smile on their face,

“this made me smile so big”

Beyonce with her fans
Beyonce with her fans

Another wrote,

“This small clip has proven again how down to earth beyonce is,she is simply the best.”

Thus, the moment that the R&B singer shared with her fan was priceless and will forever be immortalized by the Internet. That was the moment, for the lucky fan to shine and he did not waste any time at all. Although this opportunity of a lifetime made many jealous, many could not help but wonder what made him deliver such a soulful performance with such unwavering confidence instead of fainting right away just in front of the goddess.

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