Bill Murray is extremely renowned in Hollywood for his involvement in some top-tier projects throughout his career. Yet, amidst his impressive filmography, one movie stands out as the all-time favorite of his fans: the iconic 1984 release, Ghostbusters.
Complementing the film’s success was the equally legendary title track, Ghostbusters song that remains etched in the collective memory of generations.

Bill Murray in Ghostbusters
Bill Murray in Ghostbusters

However, what many may not realize is that the behind-the-scenes anecdotes from the filming of this iconic song are as entertaining as the song itself. Bill Murray and his fellow co-stars caused quite a stir among the crowds at Times Square while filming the music video.

The Behind the Scenes of Ghostbusters‘ Iconic Music Video

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Ghostbusters (1984)

In the early months of 1984, the cinematic sensation Ghostbusters not only enthralled audiences with its supernatural storyline but also introduced a timeless iconic theme song of the same name. The song was Crafted by the talented American musician Ray Parker Jr. The music video was set to film in the bustling epicenter of New York City—Times Square.

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Bill Murray, alongside his fellow Ghostbusters co-actors, portrayed their spontaneity in the filming process, creating an electrifying atmosphere amidst the vibrant streets. In a revealing interview, Murray disclosed the behind-the-scenes excitement of this music video.

Bill Muray told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show,

“People didn’t know what the hell we were doing there, and we just kept walking back and forth doing it. And they thought, “These guys are –” You know, how there’s, like, a naked cowboy out there in Times Square? They were — They were concerned about us. We just kept going like this. And why were we dressed that way? But we knew what we had. So we just kept — We didn’t care.”

Murray recalled how he and his co-stars uncovered the genuine amusement of the unsuspecting crowds at Times Square. However, Parts of Times Square were temporarily shut down to accommodate the filming, emphasizing the magnitude of the project.
Despite the bustling crowds, Murray and his cohorts enjoyed the filming process with their full enthusiasm.

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Exploring The Timeless Essence of the Ghostbusters Theme Song

Bill Murray in Ghostbusters, 1984
Bill Murray in Ghostbusters, 1984

During the time of 1984, creating a music video for a movie was marked as a very new concept. Yet, during this time, musician Ray Parker Jr. created magic through his song in the movie Ghostbusters. Surprisingly, Parker Jr. crafted the Ghostbusters theme song in just two and a half days.

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Originally tasked with composing less than a minute of the music, Parker Jr.’s composition expanded into a radio-friendly four-minute track, destined for widespread acclaim. Ray Parker Jr.’s efforts were rewarded with a level of success he had never seen.
The Ghostbusters theme song quickly became a chart-topping hit and was even nominated for Best Original Song at the 57th Academy Awards.

Even after more than three decades, the film and its iconic theme song continue to resonate with audiences worldwide. Ray Parker Jr.’s musical contribution played a crucial role in solidifying the film’s status as an undeniable classic.

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