While BioShock hasn’t yet been formally announced, we can likely expect to see it on Netflix soon enough. The popular streaming service and the digital publishing company 2K Games both confirmed that they are working together on this project that will bring the dystopian underwater world of Rapture to life on screen. We now know that this upcoming movie will keep us hooked for hours. That being said, here’s everything we know so far about this Netflix original –

The Release Date

BioShock fans may have to wait a while to see their favorite game adapted for the screen. At this point in time, we haven’t received confirmation of an impending release date, but our viewers can rest assured that they will be notified as soon as they are privy to such updated information. With regards to who will direct this forthcoming project, there’s no word yet on who wants the gig and all names associated with this adaptation are unofficial, but one can only hope we might hear someone announce that they’ve taken up the task at some moment shortly.

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BioShock’s Plot

Rapture is a fictional underwater city that was intended to be a safe haven. But it, unfortunately, became a hellish environment because of its dark secrets. You play the role of Jack and must escape from the city using all your cunning and arsenal of weapons. You have to stay one step ahead of ruthless stalkers -Big Daddies – who bombard you with plasmids, physical and mental challenges, and hidden traps around every corner.

BioShock Gameplay
BioShock Gameplay

A writer has not yet been announced for the new BioShock animated TV series. But it will likely focus on events portrayed in the original game and take viewers on a journey through Rapture. So viewers should expect to see some deeper themes explored too such as philosophy and architecture inspired by Ayn Rand’s novels. A new BioShock game is also in development. So there’ll be plenty for dedicated fans of this hit franchise to look forward to over the next few months.

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The Cast

BioShock Gameplay
BioShock Gameplay

Casting announcements for the BioShock movie have not been made yet, as production is still in the early stages. Once casting news has been confirmed we will update this guide with the list of all those taking on the roles who live inside Rapture itself.

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