Marvel fans have grown accustomed to seeing their favorite Spider-Man in his usual red and blue costume. However, several times Peter Parker has also donned some modified suits such as the Spider-Man Noire and the Iron Spider.

Many fans have posed the question regarding the superhero’s first appearance in black attire. The answer to the question has become even more complicated due to Marvel’s vast comic library. Many issues of the comics depict the hero in the black costume, leaving readers in a fix about the first comic to do so.

Marvel’s ‘Secret Wars’ issue featuring Spider-Man in Black

Spider-Man wearing the black costume

Some are of the opinion that Spider-Man first appeared wearing the black costume in the Secret Wars #8. The comic was extremely popular among the readers, which was attributed to the fact that Parker was seen wearing something different from his usual attire. 

The earliest sighting of the superhero in black attire

comics journal85 oct1983 4

However, Spider-Man was seen wearing the black costume much earlier than the Secret Wars issue came out. The black outfit showed up in Marvel’s comics months before that.

For die-hard comic fans, and for those who go over every minute detail, it is essential to note that the costume was initially teased in Comics Journal #85. But it does not count as the superhero wearing the black attire in a feature comic.

When did Spider-Man first wear the black costume?


The correct answer for the first appearance of Spider-Man in his black costume would be the Amazing Spider-Man #252 issue. Published in May 1984, it features the superhero returning from the Beyonder’s World sporting a new look in the form of a black costume. Many of Marvel’s other heroes such as the X-Men and Reed Richards appear in this issue.   

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